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Dear Editor:

I read the letter last week about the husband who has too many credit cards. I think that this is a real problem in our society. People keep opening up credit cards and purchasing more and more items thereby racking up bills they cannot afford to pay. Perhaps we should go back in time and pay only with money we actually have. We’d probably be better off.

Chani H.

Editor’s Note: It’s hard to turn back the clock, but in theory it’s a nice idea. Don’t forget, nobody would buy a house without borrowing money.



Dear Editor:

Dov Hikind announced that he is voting for John McCain. How foolish is that. Does he really want Hillary to be the President?

Rose S.

Editor’s Note: I guess Dov Hikind is out for himself, looking to get attention. Typical politician.



Dear Editor:

I would like to caution everyone when they go out side to dress appropriately the weather is constantly changing and people get colds this time of the year.


Editor’s Note: Thanks Grandma, but remember just because you’re cold doesn’t mean the person you are talking to is cold!



Dear Editor:

Can we get a website that will announce what people lost or found?

Shloimie S.

Editor’s Note: Great idea. We are looking for volunteers who would be interested in maintaining such a site.



Dear Editor:

I would like the Yeshivos to make a concerted effort to teach the boys to speak in a proper manner. Often times they get up to speak and it sounds like they come from a foreign country. Their English is so different from American English.

B. Gold

Editor’s Note: Across Jewish history the Jews always had an offshoot of the regular language, such as Ladino and Yiddish. You are right that when they do speak in public it should be properly spoken, but when they talk in learning it may be a Yeshivishe Shprach.



Dear Editor:

The other day I was walking and a piece of schach fell on me. I would like to advise that people should take apart their Succos since they can be hazardous.

Moshe M.

Editor’s Note: That would constitute a “bor b’rshus harabim” and the owner of the succah would be responsible for any damages that occur. I hope our readership takes heed and note of this.



Dear Editor:

How wise are Chazal when they said that if one reads a letter that is not addressed to him he belongs in Cherem! Wikileaks and all these journalists are just prying into people’s private lives.  This is terrible. I can’t wait for Moshiach when we will no longer have to live and hear gossip and slandering of one another.


Editor’s Note: It is scary how “hepech da’as Torah” our newspapers and journalists are. Their whole business is driven at the expense of others which is exactly what the Torah stands for: we should be helping our brother not hurting him.




Dear Editor:

I was so happy to make a kiddush Hashem when a child came into my office trick or treating. When I gave him a nosh he was so thankful and said that on the Jewish Purim he hopes to reciprocate.

I believe this is what the Gemara meant that we do certain things so as not to cause “Eivah” hatred.

Stanley Cohen

Editor’s Note: Halloween was originally a pagan holiday, and therefore one must speak to his Rav to see how to deal with the consequences of the holiday.