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Speak your VUES


Dear Editor:

I ate so much over Yom Tov that I need to go on a serious diet. I need some good tips.

Z. Stein

Editor’s Note: Eat less and walk more. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.


Dear Editor:

Why did it cost me over $250.00 a day to entertain my family on Chol Hamoed?

Yankel in the Poorhouse

Editor’s Note: Life does cost money, but taking your family to the park and enjoying the gift of beautiful weather is priceless. I am not sure why you felt the need to spend so much money this year when we had glorious weather.


Dear Editor:

The price of trips for Chol Hamoed just keeps on going up and up. I wish there would be some cheap alternatives. The price of food, daled minim, and Succah is so high. How is one supposed to afford the Chol Hamoed trips?

Jay B.

Editor’s Note: Read response above.


Dear Editor:

I’ve been invited lately to a lot of simchas and the amount of money it’s costing me presents is crazy. Do I have to give a present to every simcha I go to? Am I better off giving people cheap presents or no presents at all?

J. A.

Editor’s Note: I think your presence is also a present. Giving something shows that you care.


Dear Editor:

I’m sick of these muni meter-parking machines. Most of them do not work. I have to walk 2 blocks just to find a machine that works. When I put my credit card into the machine it sometimes takes 2 minutes until it’s approved. When the weather is bad it’s even worse. I’m just very frustrated.

Who is the right person to speak to about getting rid of these muni

meter-parking machines?

A very frustrated Yid

Editor’s Note: It is probably not worth talking to anybody since the

city makes way too much money for them to be interested in changing

the system!


Dear Editor:

I’m going to my parents’ house for the Succos and my wife has a very difficult time dealing with my parents. What’s more important; siding with your wife and having shalom bayis, or having Kibud Av V’am and siding with your parents?

A nervous Yid

Editor’s Note: This is a very big quandary. I would suggest you discuss this with your counselor for proper direction. I am not sure why you are so nervous though. At the end of the day, everything will turn out okay! Try your best and you’ll get along with everybody.


Dear Editor:

Over the summer you had a question page (3 dinner guests, favorite person in tanach etc.) that every one loved and spoke about. Can you please do more question pages? My family really enjoyed them. Thank you.

Hadassah Koenig

Editors Note: We are looking forward to continuing with the question page. We are looking for good ideas and good questions to do in the future.


Dear Editor:

My daughter is applying for High School now for next year and I am amazed much it costs to send a Jewish girl in the tri state area to high school. Are people really paying those prices? If they are I have no idea how they are doing it.

Editor’s Note: Remember that tuition does not go into your yearly budget of what Hashem sets aside for you on Rosh Hashana. If you truly believe, you will see that it is so.