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Dear Editor:

I have been wearing earplugs at weddings for years because I was worried about my hearing. I had told a daughter of mine that I don’t want to attend weddings anymore because I came home from a wedding and had ringing in my ears, which means that my hearing was affected by the loud music. She said to use earplugs. I now have earplugs in all my dressy pocketbooks. The interesting thing about them is that it dims the background music but I hear the speaker more clearly than without the earplugs. Of course the best thing would be for this damaging practice to stop. I personally feel that when the music is so loud you
don’t really get the beauty of the songs. All you hear is a lot of noise. In any case, the earplugs do work. 

T. Akerman

Editor‘s Note: Maybe we should have the band at weddings do a pantomime? The Gemara discusses the fact that there should be music at weddings and at korbanos. I am sure by Mattan Torah where there were kolos uvrakim there were a few people looking for earplugs!



Dear Editor:

In recent weeks, it seems that The Democrat Party is embarrassed with America’s foundations. It all started with the Nike controversy when Nike decided to not sell a shoe that had a picture of the original American flag because it offended “African American Representative” Colin Kaepernick. He claims that it represents a time in America that racism existed; therefore we all have to hate this “symbol of hate”. It is very interesting that he makes these claims, because this flag was designed by an Anti- Slavery Quaker, Betsy Ross. According to “Representative” Kaepernick, the 13 colony flag represents slavery, despite the fact that it actually just represents America’s original 13 colonies. It is interesting that Kaepernick has a problem with an American flag because when he started taking a knee by the national anthem, he said it had nothing to do with the flag. Martin Luther Jr.’s neice has called out Kaepernick because she knows it doesn’t represent racism. The left thinks that America is racist, despite the fact that this is the same nation that elected Barrack Obama, overwhelmingly, twice. This is the same nation that got rid of slavery, discrimination, and segregation. Racism is of course a problem even today, but it is not instigated or supported by the United States. Combating racism is now a part of America. The left doesn’t just attack America’s foundation, but has now started to attack one of its founders’, Thomas Jefferson. Of course, we all disagree with slavery, which was used by Jefferson, but it is not a fair argument to judge anyone 200 years ago based on our standards now. Of course this doesn’t give any basis for supporting slavery, but instead of focusing on the negative, let’s focus on the positive things that Jefferson gave to our nation and even now, African Americans benefit from those things. Jefferson gave the idea of natural rights to our nation. Jefferson was a leader to our nation who was one of the founders of our great democracy. Of course he wasn’t perfect, but trying to blot him out of history is just not right. We are in 2019, where Black Americans have the same rights as White Americans. Let’s not put African Americans in a degraded position by telling them that we have to ban something because it is should offend them. Was it racist when President Obama had a Betsy Ross flag at his 2013 inauguration?! Where was Kaepernick, Beto and Julian Castro then complaining!? Oh that’s right, Castro was about to become Obama’s HUD Secretary!! It is so interesting to see the hypocrisy of the left. Finally, the left has been attacking President Trump’s idea of a parade celebrating America. They claimed that it was going to be political and unnecessary, but I can say that after watching that speech, Trump was not political, Trump honored our vets. President Trump also honored a doctor that through his medical mind, reduced leukemia deaths among children. President Trump also honored an African American who helped stopped segregation in the 60’s. President Trump didn’t promote himself, he promoted the best people of this nation. Throughout my life, I have always been bothered that America’s federal government never had an official event celebrating America especially on July 4th, but this year that changed. I was truly proud to see how far our nation has come. It is time for the left to stop promoting hating America, instead it is time that they start promoting as Democratic presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson said, ‘loving’ America. Together we must fight against anti American falsehood and instead must promote and defend our nation that gives all of us equal rights every single second!!!
Donny Simcha Guttman 

Editor‘s Note: You are missing the boat. Liberals can’t be bothered with facts it’s their agenda or you are a racist unAmerican etc…



Dear Editor:

As a long-time baseball fan, Bill Buckner and the unforgiving glare of history Buckner, who recently passed away, had an outstanding career and was a borderline Hall of Famer. Unfortunately, he will be most remembered for his 10th inning error in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. That miscue cost the Boston Red Sox a victory that could have given them their first championship in 68 years. Instead, the Mets scored the winning run on the play and (happily) went on to capture the Series by winning the deciding seventh game.

As in the case with Buckner, people who make one bad mistake are often remembered for that one bad moment or decision rather than the outstanding things they may have otherwise accomplished. For instance, Ralph Branca was a reliable starting pitcher in the Brooklyn Dodgers’ rotation in the early 1950s, but people, especially old Dodger fans, will always recall the home run ball he served up to Bobby Thomson in the deciding game of the 1951 playoffs (AKA “The Shot Heard ’round the World”) that gave the New York Giants the National League pennant. To add to the grief in Brooklyn, the Dodgers had a three-run lead in the ninth inning when the roof caved in on them.

Likewise in politics, an unfortunate decision can mar the fortunes of a man whom history might have otherwise considered a great president. Lyndon Johnson, with his Great Society and civil rights legislation that began to rid the South of its despicable segregation policies, accepted some bad advice from his military advisers and accelerated the war in Vietnam. That war divided the nation and became the most unpopular war in our history. Johnson’s popularity tanked and he did not even seek reelection when his term was up.

For people who have done good things in life, we need not just focus on one unfortunate incident that appears to tarnish their reputation. As the poet Alexander Pope wrote, “To err is human; to forgive, divine.”

John F

Editor‘s Note: Yes mikol Melamdei hiskati.



Dear Editor:

A young fellow recently came to the Sar HaTorah, HaGaon HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a for a brocha. After getting his name to give a brocha, the Sar HaTorah instructed him, unsolicited, to get a haircut. Whilst he had stylish hair it wasn’t particularly very long which demonstrates the necessity to always have a short haircut.

Shuky M

Editor‘s Note: Have you ever seen a picture of the Rogatchover?



Dear Editor:

The New York Times has stooped so low in its anti-Israel [reporting] and at least borderline anti-Semitism, but it’s still hard to believe its reporters, in 2019, are still playing the “but I’m Jewish and my best friends are Jewish” card to validate their own blind, self-hatred. (“With Times under siege, Jewish reporters hit back,” May 23).

So the paper employed four Jewish executive editors; that only makes their coverage even more obscene and destructive.

The cumulative effect of this Israel-bashing has caused millennial Jews to abandon support of Israel and even dismiss their tenuous Jewish identity as being tied to Israel. How terrible for them, and for us, that support for the only Jewish state (and a democracy to boot) in the world [is diminishing] and how bad this bodes for American and world support in the coming years.

Alan K

Editor‘s Note: As Trump would say “Fake News.” The New York Times is full of a bunch of losers.



Dear Editor:

Some in Congress are pushing for reparations for Blacks since they were slaves. Two questions: 1) Is Obama eligible? His father was not from the US. His mother was white. 2) If I am an immigrant and arrived in this country long after slavery was abolished do I still need to pay? Sharpton and all these phony blacks crying that they were mistreated are so many generations far from what happened. It makes no sense.

Yankel T

Editor‘s Note: Maybe the US should pay for the Reparations of allowing so many Jews to die in the holocaust!



Dear Editor:

I heard that a Chareidi got beaten up for asking a policeman why there is a double standard when it comes to Ethiopians and Chareidim demonstrating?

Editor‘s Note: It is unfortunate how much strife there is between Jew and Jew in Israel!

Editor’s Note: It is unfortunate how much strife there is between Jew and Jew in Israel!



Dear Editor: Look at the difference between goyim and Yidden. By the Goyim everything is about equality. Everyone wants what they can’t have, whereas by Jews we have dinim of Erichin which is gender and age based, and yes it does make a difference. You can’t put your head in the sand and say everyone is equal.

Boruch J

Editor‘s Note: We need a letter disputing this one to give equal press to the other side! Just kidding. The Torah will always show the way!



Dear Editor:

Why cant Bnei Torah use an Artscroll gemara for bekius seder. They then could finish more mesechtos faster.

Editor‘s Note: Part of learning is the ameilus.



Dear Flatbush Neighbors,

Why is it OK to block off huge traffic arteries to make a parade, but when people protest a ” perceived “ travesty or injustice, they get tremendous condemnation.

Specifically, the Media recently ran laudatory, almost fawning coverage of the Israeli day parade.
I don’t recall seeing any posters bemoaning the blocking of a major road causing traffic inconvenience for tens of thousands and not allowing ambulances and other emergency vehicles through.
Yet the Media routinely runs articles, and has tons of commentators, blasting “those animals ” who are protesting.
I’m not referring to the behavior at the protests. We can argue about that.
I’m specifically asking about those who attack the protesters on grounds of blocking traffic and emergency vehicles and messing up people’s schedules

I’d love to hear a rational response.

Yoily K

Editor‘s Note: One big difference; one has a license and is sanctioned by the police and the protests do not.



Dear Editor:

Regarding Visitng day:

What time does traffic begin to thin out? I don’t mind leaving late, but I hate to sit in traffic! (To all thread hijackers and trolls, I don’t care about your opinion whether there should be Visiting Day and if I should go visit. Thank you.)

Moshe K

Editor‘s Note: Traffic is unavoidable