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Dear Editor:

Last week my house had a major flood, as did many houses in our neighborhood. I would like to thank two people for helping me out. Alan Hirsch, the owner of The Vues, for giving me the number to Yossi Kleinman from SAS cleaning. The second person is of course Yossi, who came right away and worked tirelessly to get my basement dry. I hope he does well with his new company. He does commercial window cleaning, carpet cleaning and post construction cleanup. His number is 347-893-5661.

Thanks again.

Chani Feldstein

Editor’s Note: Maybe he can advertise in our magazine. I’m sure he’ll get a good deal!


Dear Editor:

As per your editorial comment on page 16; the flag of the Irgun had the words, “Rak Kach” not “Rat Takh.”


Editor’s Note: Thanks for bringing this to our attention.



Dear Editor:

Rabbi Meir Kahane of course always urged all Jews to make Aliyah! But FYI, he always used to also tell people to vote for whoever was best for the Jews.



Editor’s Note: The question is what Rabbi Meir Kahane would have held would be best for the Jews at this juncture.



Dear Editor:

It seems like Trump is on a self-destruct course. He can’t watch his mouth. I feel bad for him that he has so little self-control. I don’t think Hillary is much better. It seems like a presidential campaign being played out in the sand box.

Moshe Rubinstein

Editor’s Note: I would suggest that for this election the voting age minimum should be lowered to three years old, because the children may be able to understand our candidates best!



Dear Editor:

How many BBQ’s are there out there? Seems like I am invited to a different one every night. I hope these organizations are making some money.

Boruch Rosenblatt

Editor’s Note: If you give a donation to every BBQ you go to, the organizations will make money. Just be careful how much you ingest at each one!



Dear Editor:

I can’t believe that when I enter Jewish stores they have Acapella playing which sounds the same as regular music. As soon as I walk in i start to tap to the beet unwillingly. Is this what Chazal meant when they said no dancing in the three weeks?

Shimon Rapaport

Editor’s Note: I agree with you. So did Rabbi Belsky who paskened that acapella is just like music.



Dear Editor:

Please continue with your exciting magazine. I love it. Can you mail me a hard copy? I live in Detroit and stumbled upon it in my bungalow colony. I’d love to read it all year round.

Rivky Weissfeld

Editor’s Note: You can always access it at our state-of-the-art website at thevuesonline.com!