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Latest Recipes

Rainbow Salmon Skewers
INGREDIENTS 24 ounces salmon fillet 1 each of a red, green yellow, and orange bell pepper 1/2 large red onion
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Ask the Physical Therapists

An Occupational Therapist’s Perspective on Typical Development in Infants Cont.: 5 years
At five years old, children become more self-sufficient with their daily needs. They should be able to use the bathroom
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Alan Hirsch Speaks

Losing a Good Friend
How fortunate are we that knew and had the opportunity to view and admire the very special midos of Chaim
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Ari Hirsch Speaks

Getting to Know Chaim Bloom
The Red Sox hired 36-year-old Chaim Bloom to run their baseball ops department on Friday. Bloom helped construct a Rays
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Latest News & Articles

Getting to Know Pete Alonso

New York Mets first baseman Pete Alonso was named the 2019 National League Rookie of the Year this past Monday night. He prevailed in the voting over fellow award finalists…

More On Philosophy

I. Philosophy From Tzfas Two weeks ago, we discussed the view of Rav Tzvi Hirsch Kalischer (19th cen., Poland) about faith and philosophical inquiry. Essentially, he permitted inquiry into fundamental…

War and Teshuva

In Bereishis (18:23) the posuk tells us that Avraham asked Hashem, “Will you kill a tzaddik with a Rasha?” Avraham goes through a whole negotiation with Hashem that maybe there…

Empty Resume

For approximately two thousand years, humanity was lost in theological confusion and moral mayhem. Finally, one great man uncovered the Creator of the universe and journeyed to the supernatural land…

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