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    BBQ Wings


    3 lbs chicken wings, cleaned and dried

    1/2 cup hoisin sauce

    3 Tbsp soy sauce

    3 Tbsp rice wine vinegar

    2 Tbsp sugar

    2 Tbsp ketchup

    2 Tbsp minced garlic



    Wings are a big time favorite in our family. I love when they caramelize and the meat just falls of the bone. It’s amazing how such a small bite can pack such big flavors. We love to serve them Friday night with Shabbat dinner. Here’s one of our most loved wings recipe.

    Combine all the ingredients and marinate several hours or overnight in the fridge. Heat oven to 350 Degrees and lay chicken wings single file on baking sheet. Cook uncovered for at least 1 hour – the longer the better.