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    It states (Tehillim
    32:10) “For him who
    trusts in Hashem –
    Hashem’s kindness
    will encompass him.”
    The Midrash says on
    this pasuk, “Even if a
    person is a rasha if he
    trusts in Hashem, he
    will be enveloped in
    Hashem’s kindness.”
    It states (Koheles 7:20) “For there is no
    righteous man on earth who does good and
    sins not.” The pasuk is saying that everyone
    has aveiros. Reb Elchanan Wasserman zt’l
    proves from this pasuk that bitachon is for
    everyone. If one needs to be perfect to be
    worthy of Hashem’s kindness, no one could
    have bitachon. So, it must be that regardless
    of our deeds, we can trust in Hashem and
    benefit from His kindness.
    Another source is (Tehillim 37:3) Betach
    BaShem Ve’asei Tov, “Trust in Hashem and
    do good.” The Ramban says, Betach
    Bashem is written in this passuk before
    Ve’asei Tov. This tells us that even before
    one does good, he can have bitachon.

    During the times of the Chofetz Chaim,
    there were different opinions among the
    rabbanim on whether insurance (such as fire
    insurance) was a worthwhile investment.
    The Chofetz Chaim felt it wasn’t.
    In the year 5663 there was a fire in Radin,
    and two hundred houses burned down. The
    fire stopped just before the Chofetz Chaim’s
    home. His house and twenty-six houses
    behind his were spared.
    Insurance agents took advantage of this
    tragedy and went from house to house
    selling fire insurance policies. They also
    went to the Chofetz Chaim’s house. The
    Chofetz Chaim wasn’t home at the time,
    and his family bought a policy. When the
    Chofetz Chaim returned home and heard
    that his home was insured, he wasn’t
    A year later, after Pesach of 5664, there
    was another fire in Radin. This time the
    Chofetz Chaim’s home burned down,
    together with the homes of his married
    children. The family said, “It is good that
    we insured our homes. We would be in
    trouble if we didn’t buy insurance.”
    The Chofetz Chaim replied, “If we didn’t
    buy the fire insurance, our houses wouldn’t
    have burned down. The proof is that last

    year we didn’t have insurance, and
    the house didn’t burn down. This
    would have occurred this year, as
    well, if we didn’t have insurance.”
    The Alter of Navardok zt’l had a
    small hut in the forest where he
    would study Torah and mussar. One
    night, he was studying Torah, and his
    candle blew out. He told himself, “If
    Hashem desires it, He will send me
    oil to light the lamp.” He trusted in
    Hashem, but one is obligated to do
    histhadlus, so he opened the door of
    his hut.
    He saw a man walking in the forest. The
    Alter of Navordok asked him for oil. He had
    oil, and he gave it to the Alter. It was a
    miracle. It was very unlikely that someone
    would be in the forest at that time and that
    he would have oil with him. The Alter was
    able to study Torah and mussar for the rest
    of the night.
    In the morning, the Alter took the leftover
    oil and stored it, so he would always
    remember the miracle that Hashem
    performed for him.
    Once, there was a fire in his home, and this
    jar of oil was consumed in the flames. The
    Alter commented that he was happy that
    this occurred “because why should I
    remember this episode more than all the
    other miracles Hashem performs for me?
    Every moment of life is filled with
    We say, Teshuas Hashem Keheref Ayin.
    Rebbe Yochanan of Rachmistrifka zt’l
    explained that when people have Heref
    Ayin, which means they stop looking to
    people for help, that is when they receive
    Teshuas Hashem, Hashem’s salvation.
    The Chazon Ish zt’l teaches, “Hashem’s
    help arrives the moment a person doesn’t
    see any natural means for his salvation.”
    When all hope and plans fall apart, one
    turns his heart to Hashem, and that is
    when he has his salvation.
    The Minchas Elazer zy’a would tell the
    following story while performing the
    mitzvah of bikur cholim (visiting the ill):
    Rebbe Levi Yitzchak of Berdichev zt’l
    was ill, and his students were in the next
    room, saying Tehillim. Suddenly they
    heard a loud sound. They quickly ran
    into their Rebbe’s room to see what
    happened and found him lying on the
    floor. He had fallen off the bed. So they
    raised him and returned him back onto
    his bed.
    Some hours later, the Bardichever Rav
    called them in and asked for a cup of tea.
    This was a good sign, a sign of

    Soon afterwards, Reb Levi Yitzchok was
    standing on his feet, totally better.
    He told his students, “As I was lying on
    my bed, I remembered what my Rebbe, the
    Magid of Mezritz taught, that Hashem put
    into the rules of nature that when one has
    bitachon, Hashem will help him. It states,
    ‘For him who trusts in Hashem – Hashem’s
    kindness will encompass him.’ The Magid
    said that this isn’t a segulah; it is a law of
    nature. Whoever trusts in Hashem will be
    enveloped in Hashem’s kindness.
    “So, I thought about ideas of bitachon until
    I felt confident that Hashem would heal me.
    That is when I got off my bed. But when I
    fell to the ground, I realized that my
    bitachon wasn’t yet complete. So, I
    continued to focus on emunah and bitachon
    until I became perfectly healthy.”
    Tax collectors came to Brisk and audited
    the shops. One merchant was very scared he
    would be fined or punished because they
    could discover that he wasn’t reporting all
    of his inventory and earnings. So, he came
    in a hurry to the home of Reb Chaim Brisker
    zt”l. Reb Chaim learned with the man a
    section in Nefesh HaChaim, which states
    that when one believes that everything is
    from Hashem and that there are no other
    forces and powers in the world, this belief
    results in salvation, and nothing can harm
    him. They studied this section three times,
    and indeed, a miracle occurred. The tax
    collectors left without charging the
    merchant. This is what happened: When the
    officials reached this merchant’s store, they
    wanted to take a break. So, they put a sign
    on the merchant’s store to remember where
    they were up to and where to continue after
    their break. When they returned, they
    thought the sign meant that they had already
    checked this store and went on to the next
    People were saying that Reb Chaim
    performed a miracle. Reb Chaim corrected
    them. “It wasn’t a miracle; it was natural.
    Hashem implanted into the nature of the
    world that He will help those who trust in