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    Chazal tell us,
    “Who is wealthy?
    He who is satisfied
    with his lot.” That
    is true wealth.
    As we wrote,
    “Hashem blessed
    Avraham with
    everything.” The
    Midrash states
    that “everything”
    means Hashem
    showed Avraham
    the mitzvah of

    What is the meaning of this Midrash?
    Why is succah considered having
    The Chozeh of Lublin (Avnei
    Zikoron 662) zt’l explains that the
    succah reminds us that we can live in
    a hut, and everything will be fine.
    Nothing will be lacking. Luxuries
    aren’t as necessary as we think. When
    we know that, we have everything.
    We are satisfied with our portion.
    Rebbe Yonoson Eibshitz (6:1) writes,
    “Those who fear Hashem don’t live in
    succos only during the yom tov
    Succos. They remember throughout
    the year that life is temporary.” And
    with this outlook, they are happy with
    their portion, whether large or small.
    A wealthy person visited the Chofetz
    Chaim zt’l and expressed his surprise
    at how poorly furnished the Chofetz
    Chaim’s home was. The Chofetz
    Chaim responded, “and where is your
    furniture? All I see is your horse and
    The wealthy man replied, “I am just
    passing by. My furniture is at home.”
    Having expected that answer, the
    Chofetz Chaim exclaimed, “I too, am
    just passing by because this world is
    merely a passageway to Olam HaBa.”
    When we keep that in mind, we
    won’t mind having less. We are
    anyway just passing through.
    It states (Tehillim 16:8), Shivisi
    Hahsem L’Negdi Samid, and the Baal
    Shem Tov zt’l (Keser Shem Tov)
    explains, “Shivisi comes from the

    word Hishtavos, the same. Whatever
    happens to you, your reaction should
    be the same. Whether people praise
    you or disgrace you, whether you eat

    delicacies or regular food… Whatever
    happens to you, say, ‘If this is good in
    Hashem’s eyes, it is good for me, too.
    This attitude is a great madreigah.”