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    4 bags frozen chopped broccoli
    6 cups chicken broth (can use vegetable to keep pareve our dairy)
    1 large onion caramelized (I always keep a batch in the freezer)
    1/2 cup margarine
    1/4 cup flour
    1 cup soy milk (or half and half if making dairy)
    Salt and pepper



    Cold weather means soup season!
    Serves this with a crusty bread and
    cream salad for a quick weeknight
    dinner or in lieu of chicken soup for
    a delicious change on a Friday night.
    This is the easiest, yummiest and
    fastest creamy broccoli soup ever!

    In a small saucepan make a
    roux with your margarine and
    flour – set aside
    In soup pot add the broccoli,
    onion, and broth. Simmer for
    half hour. Add in roux, soy
    milk and seasoning.
    Use immersion blender to
    blend and break up larger
    broccoli pieces. Soup will
    thicken as cools