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    Last Sunday, Ari Hirsch from The Jewish Vues had the honor to interview Jewish Music
    Superstar Avraham Fried at the ”A Time For Music 37“ Camp Hasc concert.

    How many years have you been performing “A
    Time For Music” Camp HASC concerts?
    I really can’t tell you!! The only thing I can
    tell you is that I’m probably the only one on
    stage this year that was at the first “A Time For
    Music” Camp HASC concert.

    The achdus in Klal Yisrael right now are off
    the charts, what is the secret to keeping the
    achdus going?
    Unfortunately, it’s either a great miracle
    or a great tragedy that brings us together.
    Unfortunately, we’ve seen more tragedies in
    our two-thousand-year history. I suggest that
    the Aibishter should give us a big big gigantic
    miracle and the achdus will also be b‘simcha.
    Now, we’re in achdus, but we’re broken. He
    can give us great miracles that will make us all
    very happy. We’re Am Echad. So just keep each
    other in mind and command Moshiach.

    Since the war began, everybody was told to
    take a kabbalah upon themselves, to improve
    themselves, to help Klal Yisrael, what have you
    taken upon yourself as a kabbalah?
    I think Klal Yisrael has so many kabblos tovos
    and so many good things until now that
    Moshiach should’ve come a long time ago.
    What haven’t we done yet? We’ve done it all.

    Can you name someone that lived in your
    lifetime that represents the power of one?
    I would go with Dedi tonight. Dedi was a
    force of chessed. He always called me to do
    mitzvos. Even when he was sick, he wanted to
    do a video for this kid or that kid, who needed
    chizzuk. He had just a gigantic heart.

    Name someone alive that you would call a
    Shai Graucher. Out of nowhere, he’s become
    a force of chessed that’s unparalleled. It’s
    unbelievable! Hashem should give him koach.
    He learnt from his father, so there you go.

    Fill in the blank:
    When Moshiach comes_______________
    We will see Hashem face to face.

    Fill in the blank:
    Back in the day, we used to___________
    Sing Jewish-sounding songs.

    Moshiach is Im Yirtzeh Hashem coming
    tonight. This coming Shabbos, we’re going to

    be davening in the Beis Hamikdash. Friday
    night, Kabbalas Shabbos, who should be
    Now that’s a tough one! Let him come and I’ll
    let you know.

    What is your favorite Moshiach song that’s not
    I like the Seudeny (Seudah Shel Levyason)
    song where the song describes what will be
    when Moshiach comes.

    Favorite Emunah song (does not have to be
    Reb Yom Tov Ehrlich when he sings about the
    13 ani mamins.

    What’s your favorite Abie Rotenberg song?

    What’s your favorite Mordechai Shapiro song?
    “Ein Od Milvado.”

    What’s your favorite Baruch Levine song?
    והוא קלי – Keli Vehu

    What’s your favorite Benny Friedman song?
    B’sheim Hashem

    What’s your favorite song that Sheya
    Mendlowitz produced for you?
    We did ten albums together. Every album has
    amazing hits. Sheya produced a lot of good
    stuff. It’s hard to pick one. The first song on the

    album that became my first hit was the “Kel
    Hadaos Adon Hashalom” Boruch Chait song.
    It is still a hit song until today, so I owe Sheya

    What’s your favorite MBD song?
    There are so many. I like “Od Yeshvu.”

    What’s your favorite Shlomo Carlebach song?
    I like his “Mimkomcho.”

    What does Avraham Fried like to listen to Erev
    Shabbos to get you into the Shabbos mood?
    L’chaim Tish Shabbos songs. They have all the
    classing Shabbos songs that brings in a holy
    vibe into the house. I recommend it.

    What’s your favorite song to sing at the
    Shabbos table?
    I have my father’s zemiros that I sing that my
    father taught us – Bobov melodies.

    Do you have a pre-concert ritual?
    Moving around, jumping, jogging and
    keeping the breath going. Vocalizing a little,
    praying, and having the pushka ready!

    Name a person that has lived in your lifetime
    that represents true Ahavas Yisrael.
    My father was a great Ohev Yisroel. He
    dedicated his life to helping Yidden, even
    risking his life back in Prague where he was
    arrested for helping yidden.

    If you could ask the Lubavitcher Rebbe one
    question right now, what would it be?
    What’s taking so long?

    If you could have three people for Friday night
    Shabbos dinner, anyone from the beginning of
    time. Who would your 3 dinner guests be?
    Yosef Hatzadik, Esther Hamalka & Dovid

    Fly on the wall: If you could be in a room
    anytime in the history of mankind and witness
    something, name some place that you would
    like to be when something happened?
    I want to be there when Moshiach shows up.

    With all the amazing concerts that have gone
    on this year, especially with this current
    situation in Eretz Yisrael, which concert would
    you say was the most leibedik?
    I’ve done a few concerts in New York recently
    and the crowd has come alive. We’re always
    a little bit laid back like singing for me and
    clapping a little bit sporadically. Let it go,
    have a little energy because that’s what gives
    the singer some energy, so I’m very happy
    that in New York now the crowd has become
    more alive. They’re letting loose a little bit and
    enjoying the moment and they’re getting into
    it and for the singer that’s amazing.

    Can we narrow it down to one concert?
    I did a concert a few months ago in Poland for
    3,000 non-Jews, who the organizer discovered
    “Abba” online and that’s their favorite,
    they don’t understand a word of English
    or Hebrew. So, 3,000 people in a beautiful

    outdoor place, with 3,000 non-Jews, who are
    loving the Chassidic songs and at one point
    it started raining, do you think anybody left?
    3,000 umbrellas opened up at the same time
    and they were sitting there in the rain and
    enjoying themselves. I got wet, but they were
    sitting there and enjoying themselves. It was
    a chiddush that non-Jews were listening to my