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    When did you start performing at the
    Camp HASC concert?
    14 years ago was my first time.
    Fill in the blank:
    When Moshiach comes__________
    We will need a lot of new songs.
    Fill in the blank:
    Back in the day, we used to_______
    Have others that we could rely on. Today,
    it’s all on us.
    Name someone in Tanach you want to
    know more about than what the kriah
    Everybody. I don’t even know what the
    kriah says!
    What’s your favorite Yom Tov?
    Yud Daled Kislev- the Rebbe’s
    What is your favorite Kumzitz/Fabrengen
    Right now, I would say “Achas Shoalti”
    from the Yingerlach.

    What song do you like to listen to on
    a Friday afternoon to get you into the
    Shabbos mood?
    8th Day “It’s Shabbos Now.”
    What’s your favorite Mordechai Shapiro
    “Boker Tov Olam.”
    What’s your favorite Moshiach song?
    Omed B’shaar by Amir Benayoun.
    What’s your favorite chuppah song?
    I love the old Avraham Fried “V’hu
    Name a song that reminds you of your
    That’s a lot of songs. Any song that they
    played on the early HASC shows.
    What is your favorite Abie Rotenberg
    “A Small Piece of Heaven.”
    Favorite Dedi song:
    “Tzur Kol Olamim.”
    What do you remember most about
    Sheya Mendlowitz Z”L?
    I remember sitting around with him and
    laughing the night away. I didn’t work
    with him so much, a few shows, but
    just humor. He had a beautiful attitude
    toward life.
    What’s the #1 song people ask you to
    sing these days?
    Somebody that lives/lived in your
    lifetime that represents the power of
    I thought you for sure were going to say
    The Rebbe?
    I didn’t want to be too obvious.
    Obviously, The Rebbe. The Rebbe
    represents Hashem Echad.

    Name someone alive that you’ve never
    met that you would like to meet before
    your time is up.
    First of all, I intend to live forever. Second
    of all, who would I like to meet? Sandy
    Name someone alive that you believe is
    a leader:
    Shai Graucher
    Name a game that you like to play with
    your kids on Shabbos:
    My brother makes funny parsha
    questions, so that’s a thing we do every
    Shabbos. We laugh and laugh and laugh.
    What is the #1 middah that someone
    should look for when looking for a
    I really don’t know.
    But it’s a very good idea that everybody
    should have a mashpia or an advisor/
    coach. It should be someone that you
    trust and can ask for advice when you’re
    going through the shidduch process. It’s
    really a massive decision and it’s very
    good to have someone smart you can
    talk to.
    What do you think the secret is to keep
    the achdus that we have going right
    The secret to achdus is perek Lamed
    Beis of Tanya, where he explains that
    nothing external should ever influence
    your opinion about a yid. You have to
    realize that every single yid is infinitely
    valuable to Hashem, not for anything
    that he does, but just for the fact that
    he exists. So, nothing that a Jew can do
    should ever be able to stop you from
    feeling that achdus. If you focus on the
    Chelek Elokah Mima’al, you’ll have an
    easier time focusing on the achdus.
    Since the war began, everybody was told
    to take a kabbalah upon themselves, to
    improve themselves, to help Klal Yisrael,

    what have you taken upon yourself as a
    Increasing my learning in Rambam
    because somebody one time said to
    The Rebbe that he needs a mofeis and
    The Rebbe said if you need a mofeis,
    then you should learn Rambam because
    Rambam is Rashei Teivos for Rabbos
    Mofsei B’eretz Mitzrayim, so if a person
    needs a mofeis, they should learn
    Rambam. We need miracles, so it would
    be a good idea.