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    Getting to Know 1969 New York Mets Legend Ed Kranepool

    Ed Kranepool was

    a 17-year-old phenom

    from the Bronx

    when he joined the

    Mets at the birth of

    the franchise. He

    played all 18 of his

    major league seasons

    in Queens, including

    with the “Miracle” Mets of 1969.

    The Mets finished 1969 with a leaguebest

    100-62 record and swept the Braves

    in the three-game divisional playoff

    to win their first pennant and face the

    109-win American League champion

    Baltimore Orioles in the World Series.

    Though Kranepool played all three

    NLCS games against

    Atlanta—and batted

    .250–Kranepool was

    benched in favor of the


    Donn Clendenon for all

    but one of the Series’

    five games. Kranepool

    made it count, hitting

    a home run off Dave

    Leonhard in the eighth

    inning of Game Three.

    After 800 defeats–most

    of which Kranepool had witnessed

    himself–the Mets were crowned world


    This weekend the Mets are celebrating

    the 50th anniversary of the 1969 champion

    New York Mets. Ari Hirsch from the

    Jewish/Country Vues had the opportunity

    to interview Ed Kranepool.

    Name: Edward Emil Kranepool

    Number: 7

    Born: November 8, 1944 (age 74) in

    New York City, New York


    First Baseman and Outfielder

    Signed by: Mets’ scout Bubber Jonnard

    signed Kranepool in 1962 at the

    age of 17 as an amateur free agent.

    Played for

    the N.Y. Mets:


    MLB debut:

    S e p tember

    22, 1962, for

    the New York


    Last MLB appearance:

    S e p tember

    30, 1979, for

    the N.Y. Mets

    Favorite team growing up:

    New York Yankees

    How are you feeling these days? I

    feel much better in terms of getting

    around and breathing. I got my first

    miracle in 1969 and I got my second

    miracle a couple of months ago. I’m so

    grateful that I have a new kidney. I was

    on pins and needles until they found a

    match. It was a long 2 and a half years

    but obviously it came thru. This was

    definitely my personal miracle.

    At what point did you know that the

    1969 Mets were special? At the end

    of May, beginning of June, we went

    on an 11 game winning streak beating

    the California teams. When we

    beat the Dodgers & Koufax, we knew

    that we had something special.

    Who would you say is responsible

    for the success of the 69 Mets? Definitely

    the pitching of Tom Seaver and

    the leadership and management style

    of Gil Hodges. Gil brought a winning

    culture here in 1968 and insisted that

    we play the right way. If you didn’t

    play the game his way, you just didn’t

    play. Seaver changed the outlook

    of the club. The Mets should have

    recognized the Hall of Fame righthander


    before the



    his illness.

    Seaver is

    s u f f e r i n g

    from advancing


    Can you believe its been 50 years

    since the 1969 Mets? Can you believe

    that 50 years later, people are

    still talking about the Miracle Mets?

    You know, being from New York, people

    always want to talk about ‘69.

    They always do. It was the year we

    landed on the moon, the year of

    Woodstock, the year the Jets won. So

    much happened in 69. So it doesn’t

    seem like it’s 50 years. It was a year

    that brought everyone together. But

    this year is still very exciting. I really

    appreciate the Mets what they’ve

    been doing. You know, they’re bringing

    us back and putting us into the

    whole organization again, which has

    been a lot of fun. I’m looking forward

    to the end of June and the 69 reunion

    at Citifield.