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    Getting to Know Baseball Great Bill Buckner

    Veteran first baseman Bill

    Buckner, whose career

    spanned four decades and

    who collected over 2,700

    hits in the major leagues,

    died this past Monday at

    the age of 69.

    Buckner played for five different

    MLB teams, including

    eight seasons each with the Los Angeles

    Dodgers and Chicago Cubs, in a career that spanned

    22 years from 1969 through 1990.

    He will be remembered most as a member of the Boston

    Red Sox for the ground ball that went between

    his legs in the 10th inning of Game 6 against the

    New York Mets in the 1986 World Series. The error allowed

    the winning run to score in a devastating 6-5

    loss. The Mets would go on

    to win Game 7 and extend

    the Red Sox’s infamous

    title drought dating back

    to 1918.


    William Joseph Buckner


    December 14, 1949 in

    Vallejo, California


    May 27, 2019 (aged 69)

    in Boise, Idaho

    MLB Debut: September

    21, 1969, for the

    Los Angeles Dodgers

    MLB statistics:

    Batting average: 289

    Hits: 2,715

    Home runs: 174

    RBI’s: 1,208

    Teams: Los Angeles

    Dodgers (1969–1976)

    Chicago Cubs (1977–1984)

    Boston Red Sox (1984–1987)

    California Angels (1987–1988)

    Kansas City Royals (1988–1989)

    Boston Red Sox (1990)

    What’s your favorite memory from your playing

    career? I’ve got several, my first big league at bat,

    first time reaching the

    100 RBI mark, playing in

    two World Series. That’s

    an opportunity that not

    everyone gets to enjoy.

    Could have won a World

    Series one time, that

    would have put a cherry

    on top of the ice cream.

    Have you gotten past

    the Mookie Wilson

    ground ball? You can

    never really forget it because

    it comes up all the time. I’m a competitive

    guy, so it’s something I didn’t enjoy. But for some

    reason, the stars were all lined up just right for the

    Mets that year, and here we are, all these years

    later, still talking about it.

    How did you deal with what happened in the

    1986 World Series? That’s life you know. Everybody

    has things they deal with. When you think

    of a baseball game, compared to someone having

    cancer, what is more important? Everybody has

    something to deal with in their family, their kids

    or whatever. Life deals some tough hands sometimes,

    but god also gives you the ability to deal

    with those things.

    Who was your favorite baseball player while

    you were playing? Probably George Brett. He

    was a great teammate, a great leader and a great


    Do you think you should have been a Hall of

    Famer? I was a pretty good line-drive hitter and

    R.B.I. guy, but the ticket to the Hall is usually 3,000

    hits, so I came up a little bit short there.