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    Name: Brett Michael Gardner 

    Born: August 24, 1983, 

    Age: 25 (March 1, 1993)

    Birthplace: Holly Hill, SC.

    Major League Debut: June 30, 2008 vs. the Texas Rangers



    Hobbies/Interests: Hunting and fishing

    Player from the past you’d pay to watch play: All the old time Yankees would have been fun to watch. Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, etc.

    Favorite thing to do on an off day: Spend time with my family

    Favorite Foods: Steak and potatoes

    Favorite City to Visit: Los Angeles

    Favorite Athlete: Chris Johnson RB for the Titans in the NFL

    Favorite Ballpark: Our home park, Yankee Stadium

    Biggest Influence for your career: My father, for sure

    Toughest Pitcher Ever Faced: Roy Halladay of the Phillies

    First Job: Working on the farm back home as a kid

    Favorite Team While Growing Up:  Atlanta Braves Most

    Embarrassing Professional Moment: Not getting a bunt down in an important spot during the 2009 World Series

    Biggest Thrill To Date As An Athlete: Well, so far in my young career, has to be winning the championship in 2009 as a NY Yankee.