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    Getting to Know Brooklyn Nets Caris Levert


    Name: Caris Coleman LeVert

    Born: August 25, 1994 (age 26) in Columbus, Ohio

    Height: 6 ft 6 in

    Position: Small forward /Shooting guard

    College: Michigan (2012–2016)

    NBA draft: 2016 / Round: 1 /

    Pick: 20th overall

    2021 Salary: $16,203,704

    Describe your on-court mentality.

    I would say I’m a guy who’s very even keeled on the court. I don’t really let a lot of things get me too high or get me too low. You won’t see me out there super frustrated, you won’t see me out there super excited really, unless it’s like the end of a game or something big happens. I try to stay in the moment, try not to let things affect me too much. But I’m very competitive. I love winning, and I do whatever it takes to win.

    With Kevin Durant & Kyrie on the team together you’re probably going to have to be a lot more aggressive to get the ball. Do you consider yourself an aggressive ball player?

    I just try to be in go mode all the time, attacking, whether that’s coming off a ball screen, looking for guys, playing off the ball, being ready to catch and shoot, or being ready to attack in transition. I feel like I’m always aggressive, and that’s going to be my role going forward, whether I’m starting or coming off the bench. I’m just aggressive trying to get guys involved, trying to get my own shot, trying to make winning plays out there.

    Are you ok playing off the bench this year?

    There are small minor adjustments but I think there are positives coming off the bench as well. You get a chance to examine the game from a different perspective. See how the defense is playing certain actions, see how they are going with ball screens, transition, and things like that. See which guys have it going so when you get in the game, you make that adjustment and give energy where it is needed and things like that. I try to look at each situation and try to find a positive out of each one so I am looking forward to that challenge if that is what it is going to be. If not, we will adjust accordingly. For me, it is about whatever happens happens. I am just excited to play basketball. It is a blessing. The goal is focused around winning … whether he starts or does come off the bench. For me, I am just excited to get out there and contribute to wins in any way possible. If that is starting or coming off the bench, Steve and I will talk more about it. I think everyone’s main goal is winning basketball games and putting us in the position to do so. I feel like with my game, I am versatile and I can play with the ball or without the ball. Start,come off the bench or whatever it may be, I feel like I can adjust. I can play pretty much any role I am put in.

    What drives you?

    Definitely family. And just wanting to be great. I would say from a young age, basketball had been something I’ve loved. I’ve always wanted to be the best at anything I’ve ever done, and basketball’s no different.

    How do you like Brooklyn?

    The people are great, second to none. The fans obviously are great, but I feel like it’s real people, they tell you the truth. If you’re not playing well, they’ll tell you, if you’re playing good, they’ll tell you, but at the end of the day, they’ll still be there.

    Do you think you can be one of the stars on this team?

    I know I can be great. I don’t really worry about that word “star” too much though, ’cause I feel like that’s very subjective to the audience. But I know I can be great. I have the will, the want-to. I feel like G-d has blessed me with the physicals, I feel like for me it’s all mental.