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    Getting to know…..EX MET IKE DAVIS

    Davis, a former 30-homer slugger for the New York Mets in 2012, went 3-for-5 with two RBIs and two runs scored from the No. 3 hole for the Isreal team against the Chinese Taipei on Monday night in the World Baseball Classic. Israel is currently leading the series 2-0.

    Name: Isaac Benjamin “Ike” Davis

    Born: March 22, 1987 (age 29) in Edina, Minnesota

    MLB teams played for: New York Mets (2010–2014), Pittsburgh Pirates (2014), Oakland Athletics (2015), New York Yankees (2016)

    Are you Jewish? Yes, my mother, Millie Gollinger is Jewish.

    Who are you named after? Isaac Benjamin is named after my mother’s paternal grandfather. My mother, Millie, had many relatives who lived in Lithuania and died in the Holocaust. One great aunt actually survived Auschwitz and came to the United States. This aunt made a two hour video tape detailing her experiences and I have seen it many times.

    Please tell everyone about you playing in the World Baseball Classic for Israel. I’m very excited to be with such a great group of guys representing Israel. I’m looking forward to taking care of business in South Korea.

    Favorite Ballpark – I have two: Citi Field, where I call home and Wrigley Field because of the tradition and childhood memories ofwatching the Cubs play when my father pitched there.

    Favorite City – Chicago; it’s a fun city, great food and atmosphere.

    Boyhood Idol – My Dad, Deion Sanders, Barry Bonds and Steve Finley.

    Biggest Influence for your career – My dad, he was great to me and gave me much knowledge of the game.

    Favorite Non Baseball Sports Team -Dallas Cowboys, Phoenix Coyotes and Suns.

    Toughest Pitchers Ever Faced – Tim Lincecum & 

    Roy Halladay

    First Job – Working in baseball camps with my Dad.

    Player I learned the Most From – David Wright helped me a lot getting acclimated to the big leagues.

    Behind My Back, I Hope People Say – That I am a good teammate and fun to be around.

    Game Situation I Thrive In – Bottom of the 9th, against the opposing teams closer.

    Best Advice I Ever Got – That pitchers get paid too; they are here for a reason-to get us out.

    If Not For Baseball, I Would Have Been – Coaching or teaching history somewhere.

    Favorite Team While Growing Up – Dallas Cowboys

    Biggest Thrill To Date As An Athlete – When I was called up to the Major Leagues for the first time in 2010, making my debut against the Cubs, at Citi Field.