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    Getting To Know LA Dodgers All Star Pitcher Clayton Kershaw

    Full Name: Clayton

    Edward Kershaw

    Born: Dallas, Texas

    on March 19, 1988

    Height & Weight:

    6-3, 215


    Kersh or the Claw


    I enjoy playing Ping Pong

    Player you would pay to watch today:

    Pujols, Jeter, A Rod and Lincecum

    Favorite thing to do on an off day:

    My off-days are pretty different every

    day. Some days I’m on the golf course.

    I play football with some of my buddies

    and try to be active during the day.

    Other times, I walk around the city I am

    playing in at the moment

    Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington

    Favorite Foods: Pizza & Mexican food

    Favorite City To Visit:

    San Diego, beautiful clean city

    Thing about me that most don’t

    know: I am the great-nephew of the

    discoverer of Pluto, astronomer Clyde



    My family and friends who helped me

    get to the point I am at today.

    What is the oddest thing anyone

    has asked you to sign: Tennis shoes. I

    went to a school in L.A. many years ago,

    and one kid decided that, because he

    didn’t have anything to sign, I should

    sign his shoe.

    Favorite Ballpark:

    Dodger Stadium, my home park

    Favorite Non Baseball Sports

    Team: Dallas Cowboys

    What do you think is your greatest

    strength and your weakness:

    I’m a very competitive person. I

    hate to lose, and I guess that could

    be strength and a weakness. When

    things start going badly and things

    start going my way, I try to keep going

    hard as opposed to taking things


    Toughest Hitter Ever Faced:

    Has to be Albert Pujols when he was

    on the Cardinals. He was the best hitter

    in the game. There’s not one place

    to pitch him. You get him one way,

    and the next time, he’ll hit a home

    run off of you.

    First Job: I’ve always been a

    baseball player.

    Athletes I enjoy following in other

    sports over the years:

    In football it was Adrian Peterson and in

    basketball, Kobe, Lebron and Durant.

    Most Embarrassing Professional


    My first game in the big leagues, I went

    out for the anthem wearing the wrong

    jersey. I mistakenly put on teammate

    Jason Schmidt’s jersey.

    Biggest Thrill to Date as an Athlete:

    Pitching in the World Series for the LA