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    Getting to Know N.Y. GIANTS ROOKIE RECIEVER Sterling Shepard

    Name: Sterling Clay Shepard

    Born: February 10, 1993 (age 23), Oklahoma City, OK

    Height: 5’ 10”

    Weight: 194 lbs

    College: Oklahoma Sooners football

    Give me a scouting report on Sterling Shepard. A: I would probably say he’s got good hands, good routes, and he likes to go over the middle. I’m trying to think of something negative ’cause there’s always a negative in the scouting report. Could work on coming out of his breaks. That would be pretty much the gist of it. 

    Describe the kind of ball Eli Manning throws. A: It’s always on the money. The velocity is perfect — it’s not too hard, it’s not a floater. He makes great decisions with the ball.

    What do you think of coach Ben McAdoo? A: He’s always hands-on helping me, like if I mess up or something, he’ll pull you to the side and break it down. I like that about him.

    What is your on-field mentality? A: I’d say I’m a scrappy player. …I don’t have a problem with going in and taking out safeties or blocking corners.

    Who are athletes in other sports you admire? A: Michael Jordan

    Boyhood idols? A: The Oklahoma football team.

    What drives you? A: My family.

    First impressions of New York City? A: It’s a lot different than Oklahoma, I’ll say that.

    What was the thing that startled you the most? A: It was a traffic jam of people, like I’ve never seen that.

    Hobbies? A: Riding horses.

    3 Dinner guests? A: MJ; Martin Luther King; my mother, my father and my grandma Edna Clay.

    Favorite movie? A: Scarface.

    Favorite actor? A: Denzel Washington.

    Are you driven to be great? A: Oh, without a doubt. That’s the reason why I feel like any player should play this game, to be great. I don’t feel like you should be satisfied with being good. Especially at this level, there’s a complete difference between a good NFL player and a great NFL player.

    … There’s only a few of ’em, but I definitely always wanted that, and hopefully one day I’ll be called great. … I’ve got some work to do.