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    Getting to Know N.Y. Mets New Relief Pitcher Dellin Betances


    Name: Dellin Betances

    Born: March 23, 1988 (age 31) in Washington Heights, New York

    Height: 6’ 8”

    MLB Debut: September 22, 2011, for the New York Yankees

    2020 Salary: $2.2 million for 2020 with a $5.3 million signing bonus. His player option is worth $6 million but Betances can buy it out for $3 million.

    Favorite Met growing up: Pedro Martinez, Edgardo Alfonso & Rey Ordonez

    What was your families reaction this off season when you told them that you would be playing for the Mets?

    They were very excited and happy that I’m staying home and playing in Queens. Being a free agent they had no idea where I would be going forward.

    You lived in Manhattan in Washington Heights and the Lower East Side, but you went to high school and played summer ball in Brooklyn. You are now playing for the Mets in Queens. Which is the best borough?

    I’m not going to answer that one. They are all good to me.

    What should New York fans expect to get out of you this season?

    I enjoy winning & I’m going to try to give my team the best version of myself that I can.

    Any pregame rituals?

    I always pitch with sugar free gum and I like to drink a cup of coffee between the 3rd & 4th inning.

    What do you think about the NL east this year?

    The competition is fierce. It’s a great division. The Phillies, Braves & Washington are all great teams. Competition brings the best out of me, so I’m very excited.

    What’s it like being the eighth-inning guy?

    For me, I’m honored and thrilled to be here, whatever situation I’m in. I’ve come in in earlier innings, late innings. If I come in in a situation where we’re winning, I’m just trying to just keep the score the same way, and just give a team a chance to win.

    Who was your boyhood idol?

    Any sport. I was always a big Kobe Bryant fan. It was very difficult for me when I found out about the helicopter accident and that he & his daughter Gianna passed. I just loved watching him play. I just the way he went out there, he was fearless. I liked his attitude. In the beginning, I liked Shaq and Hakeem Olajuwon, just because I played center mostly. After that, when Shaq went to Los Angeles, I loved the way Kobe Bryant played.

    What do you hope to accomplish in 2020?

    I want to help this team win a championship. I feel like we are so close, and I’m going to do anything I can to help make that happen.