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    Getting to Know N.Y. Mets Outfielder Brandon Nimmo

    Born: March 27, 1993 (age 24) in Cheyenne, Wyoming

    Ht/Wt: 6’ 3”, 206 lbs.

    Drafted: by the Mets in the first round of the 2011 Major League Baseball draft. Baseball America ranked Nimmo among the top fifty prospects for the 2011 draft at number 35.When the Mets selected Nimmo with the thirteenth overall pick in 2011, he became the highest-drafted Wyomingite in the history of the Major League Baseball Draft. He is recognized as the only player to make the major leagues directly from Wyoming.

    Favorite Movie:Forrest Gump

    Favorite Actor:Tom Hanks

    Favorite team growing up:

    Colorado Rockies

    Favorite Ballplayer growing up:

    Troy Tolowitzky

    How does it feel to be called up to the majors?

    A:It’s been amazing. I’m really excited.

    Is there a veteran in the clubhouse that has been helping you out, getting you use to playing in the big leagues?

    A: A lot of guys have been great, but Curtis Granderson had been so personable and open to me about anything and any questions that I had. I miss him now that he is in Toronto.

    Is there one person you feel most comfortable talking to about how you’re playing? A: Probably my dad, honestly. My dad is the guy I talk too pretty much every night and we go over the games and what happened. My dad expects a lot from me. Not results, but the effort I put in, the approach I take toward the game. I try to be really honest with him about how things are going. He tries to help with my swing. He wishes he could be there more often to help out with my swing. He’s seen it since I was two years old, since I started swinging a bat. He’s seen the progression of it. He knows all the keys that I go back to, the basics I go back to. I definitely go to him for advice on the swing and we try to solve those problems as they come up.

    You just took a picture with my son and gave him an autograph, do you mind giving fans autographs? A: It’s something that is just easy for me to do. If someone asks for an autograph, to just get it out, that little time can make a fan for life. And anyone that wants to support me, I’m not going to turn that down. It’s always nice to have support. It’s just something that I remember as a kid and you try to not become too high and mighty for those kind of things.