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    Getting to Know: N.Y. Veteran Pitcher C.C. Sabathia

    Name: Carsten Charles (CC) Sabathia Jr.

    Nickname: Big C

    Born: July 21, 1980 (age 38

    years) in Vallejo, CA

    Weight: 300 lbs

    Salary: $8 million dollars

    Height: 6’ 6”

    Bats: Left

    Throws: Left

    You announced in the beginning

    of this season, that this will be your last season playing

    baseball in the majors, why now?

    It’s time. My knee, just the shape that I’m in. My family is getting

    older. It’s time for me to be with them and be around them.

    What is your goal for this season?

    Right now I’m just focused on trying to stay healthy & win the

    championship and have a parade at the end of the year. That

    would be a great way to top this thing off.

    How will you like to be remembered?

    All I ever wanted for people to remember me as

    was just a good teammate. It’s been a great ride. Just so many

    countless different memories that I’ll have. It’s priceless, it’s

    been great.

    Who was your favorite ballplayer growing up?

    Ken Griffey Jr.

    Who were some of your favorite pitchers?

    Tom Glavine, A.J. Burnett and Randy Johnson.

    If you can pick the brain of one pitcher all time, who would it be?

    Bob Gibson. Just to see his mentality on pitching and to

    discuss his dominance.

    What’s your favorite things to do in New York City?

    Eating out, shopping & going to the

    Garden to watch the Knicks play.

    How would you describe your personality on the mound?

    My wife says like a bear because I’m kinda temperamental.

    My emotions are always something I have to work on

    keeping in control.

    As a veteran, what would your advice be to free agents

    who come to New York?

    Just be yourself. And I think if you do that, you won’t have any problem.