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    Getting to Know N.Y. YANKEES AARON JUDGE

    Name:Aaron James Judge

    Drafted: 32nd pick of the first year player draft in 2013

    Born: April 26, 1992 (age 24 years), Linden, CA

    Height: 6’ 7”

    Weight: 230 lbs

    Salary: $507,500

    Is there a lot of pressure playing in New York? A: I’ve been blessed, not only this year but the past couple of years, with playing on some pretty good teams. I got a chance to play with Gary Sanchez, Luis Severino, Greg Bird, Rob Refsnyder, Ben Gamel, all these guys. So for us, like, we really don’t feel the pressure. We know that the guy in front of us or behind us, if we don’t get the job done, will come through and get it done for us, so it kind of takes a load off everybody.

    Who was your favorite ball player growing up? A: I got a lot of favorite players that I’ve watched last couple of years. Alex Rodriguez. Matt Holliday. Derek Jeter, he’s another one, is such class act, and I got a chance to meet him as well. When I was in the West Coast watching the Giants, Rich Aurilia was a guy I always liked.

    If you could pick the brain of one hitter in baseball history, who would you want to sit down with? A: Willie Mays & Reggie Jackson. Reggie Jackson was always one that I always wanted to kind of meet and get to know, and I’ve had a chance these past couple of years to get to know him and pick his brain.

    Who are athletes in other sports you admire? A: Michael Jordan. Blake Griffin. My dad played junior college basketball, and he always showed me clips of Michael Jordan. He’s just a competitor, man, he’s gonna go out there and beat you any way he can.

    Any Hobbies? A: Video games. This past offseason I kind of tried to learn the piano a little bit. Haven’t played it recently, but I’m getting there, hopefully this offseason I’ll make some strides, hopefully.

    Superstition? A: Gum and seeds, yeah. Chewing seeds in the outfield and when I’m hitting, I usually take two pieces of the Double Bubble or whatever they have, and if I get on base, I’ll hold onto it. If I get out, I just throw it out and start with a new piece.

    Three dinner guests? A: My parents and Dr. Martin Luther King.

    What message would you want to give Yankees fans? A: It’s an exciting time to be not only a Yankee, but be a Yankee fan. The system that we have here, the minor leaguers that we have, and a lot of acquisitions we’re doing, we’re gonna have a pretty bright future ahead of us, and I’m looking forward to it, but just gotta keep working hard.