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    Name: Zachary Kapono Wilson

    Born: August 3, 1999 (age 21) in Draper, Utah

    Height: 6 ft 2 in Weight: 214 lb

    High school: Corner Canyon (Draper)

    College: BYU (2018–2020)

    NFL Draft: 2021 / Round: 1 / Pick: 2

    Zach Wilson will wear a new number in his first year as a New York Jet. According to a report by CBS Sports, Zach Wilson will wear #2 next season. Wilson wore #11 during his freshman year at BYU, and he wore #1 as a sophomore and junior at BYU.


    Congratulations!!! How are you feeling these days?
    I’m feeling great. Very excited to be a New York Jet.

    At what point did you realize that you would be picked so high in the
    first round?
    Honestly, not until the end of last season when I declared that I was
    going into the draft. Once different coaches and general managers
    began to meet me and get to know me did I feel that I was going to be
    picked so high in the first round. I couldnt assume anything though
    until it happened.

    What does drive you?
    Nothing specific, just the thrill of the game and being able to hit
    the big-time touchdown and throws or that thrill of making some guy
    miss, or watching one of your teammates blow someone up on kickoff
    return, whatever it is, there’s a lot of excitement in the game of
    football. There’s always something new.

    How do you define a good teammate?
    Someone that has your back through everything. When times are low,
    they’re there to pick you up and help you keep going. It’s hard to do
    it on your own, especially in this environment, so a good teammate is
    someone that’s got your back through it all.

    What do you think is going to be the difference between playing
    college & pro ball?
    Meeting new guys like going from high school to college is definitely
    something I’m looking forward to. The speed & rhythm of the game is
    definitely going to be very different. A lot of the people out there
    have much more experience and you have to learn a little bit from all
    of them.

    What words would you use to describe yourself on the field?
    Confident, aggressive, someone that loves to take risks.

    What quarterbacks did you look up to growing up?
    I always try to watch everyone but definitely Drew Brees and Tom
    Brady. The way they elevate the guys around them, their mentality and
    their demeanor as far as the respect that they earn from their
    teammates is something special.

    You were diagnosed as a kid with ADD. How has that affected your game?
    It was definitely a limitation as far as holding interest in certain
    classes in school, but I always looked at it as a superpower. It has
    definitely helped me with my creativeness in the sport. It gives me a
    hyperfocus on the things I truly love in life. I think I enjoy
    watching so much football is because I have ADD and that helps me be
    the athlete I am.

    If you could pick the brain of any quarterback in NFL history, who would it be?
    I always loved Steve Young, I know him and his story so well.

    How excited are you to play in New York?
    If we win, there is no place better to play in. I’m looking forward to winning.