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    Name: Kemba Hudley Walker

    Born: May 8, 1990 (age 31) in The Bronx, New York

    Height: 6 ft 0 in

    Listed Weight: 184 lb

    High School: Rice (Manhattan, New York)

    College: UConn (2008-2011)

    NBA Draft: 2011 / Round: 1 / Pick: 9th overall

    Selected by the Charlotte Bobcats

    2021 Salary: $8,729,020

    Wears: #8 in memory of Kobe Bryant

    This past summer,

    all star point guard

    Kemba Walker signed

    a two-year deal with

    his hometown team,

    the New York Knicks.

    The four-time all-star

    immediately lifted the Knicks’ ceiling,

    as a new offensive weapon for a team

    that became known last year for its


    How does it feel to be playing for

    your hometown team, the Knicks

    in Madison Square Garden?

    It’s a great feeling. I’m super excited.

    Just growing up here seeing all the

    billboards of players that I grew up

    admiring & now seeing myself up

    there is an unbelievable feeling. The

    fans of the Garden are the best fans

    in the world!

    Is this the right time in your career

    to become a Knick and are you

    feeling any added pressure?

    I think it is. Everything. Perfect

    timing. I’m feeling really

    motivated. Super excited that

    these guys have belief in me.

    That’s all I need. I just need

    somebody to believe in me.

    These guys do, and I appreciate

    that. This feeling has been like

    no other. Just randomly getting

    goosebumps. It’s an unbelievable

    feeling to be able to come home.

    As far as added pressure—I

    don’t think so. As long as I’m in a

    great environment around great

    people I’ll be fine.

    What drives you?

    It’s a mixture of many things, that

    include naysayers & guys who

    doubt you … that’ s what drives me.

    What makes a player a clutch


    A clutch player is a guy who just

    makes the right play at the right

    time. Everybody thinks maybe it’s

    just because you make the last

    shot, that’s not always considered

    a clutch player. A clutch player is

    somebody who makes the right

    play, somebody who’s calm, cool

    and collected in pressure moments.

    Who would you say is your

    favorite point guard of all time?

    Definitely, Tim Hardaway. He is my

    favorite point guard of all time. He

    was relentless, and he had a killer


    What are your goals this season?

    Stay healthy, play as many games as

    I can, contribute as best as I can, just

    help these young guys, be here and

    lead. Whatever they need me to do.

    What would your message to

    Knicks fans be about Kemba

    Walker and when they can expect

    a championship?

    I think they know me pretty well.

    It’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna give it

    every-everything I got. Every time

    I step on the court I’m gonna play

    super-hard, 110 percent. As far as a

    championship, I can’t put a time or

    date on it, but just know that we’re

    gonna be working towards that

    goal, Hard. Very hard.