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    Getting to Know New York Mets 3rd Baseman Todd Frazier

    Name: Todd Brian Frazier

    Born: February 12, 1986 (age

    33) in Toms River, New Jersey

    MLB Debut: May 23, 2011, for

    the Cincinnati Reds  Teams

    Played For:

    Cincinnati Reds (2011–2015)

    Chicago White Sox (2016–2017)

    New York Yankees (2017)

    New York Mets (2018–present)

    2019 Salary: $9,000,000

    How are you feeling these days?

    I feel good. Very excited to be back. Good to be back with the boys.

    What’s the best part about being a Major League ballplayer?

    Putting on the uniform every day and knowing that it’s your job. I like to be the first one on the field to hear the crowd roar and get the excitement going.

    I also think it’s the greatest thing when a kid asks for an autograph. I remember being little and doing it all the time and how, if I’d miss an autograph, I’d get really upset.

    Why do you wear No. 21?

    Paul O’Neill was my favorite player growing up and he wore it. So it was fortunate that was the number they gave me.

    In which part of your game do you take the most pride?

    My defense. I’ve gotten better each year. I try to be as focused as I can, even if nothing is hit to me all day. I watch a lot of video of good third basemen, like Nolan Arenado and David Wright. It’s about honing your craft.

    Please tell Jewish Vues readers about your decision to use Frank Sinatra songs as your walk-up music.

    My grandparents would always play his music

    when I was young. I didn’t like it at first. I thought it was too slow and I didn’t understand what he was talking about.

    But it’s like a fine wine — it gets better with age. A lot of the older fans like it. Some of the younger guys listen to that music now and thank me. For me, though, it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks.

    What is something about you most people wouldn’t know? I was in choir for two years in middle school. I actually really enjoyed it. I mean,

    everyone thinks they can sing when they’re singing with 30 people, but I like to think I have a little soul in my voice.