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    Name: Peter Morgan Alonso

    Nickname: Polar Bear

    Born: December 7, 1994 (age 26) in Tampa, Florida

    Drafted: The New York Mets selected Alonso in the second round, with the 64th overall selection, of the 2016 Major League Baseball draft.

    Favorite Food: Medium Rare Steak

    Walkup Song: Welcome to the Show by Cody Johnson

    2022 Salary: $7.4 million

    Pete Alonso had homered 106

    times over his three-plus major

    league seasons, but never with

    the bases loaded.That changed

    this past Motzei Shabbos, when

    the Mets slugger found a 91

    mph fastball from Joan Adon up

    in the strike zone and sent a

    towering y ball to left eld that

    kept carrying, nestling a few rows deep behind

    the fence at Nationals Park. Alonso had his rst

    career grand slam, and the Mets gained control

    of what became a third straight victory to begin

    the season, 5-0 over the Nationals.

    Which team did you root for growing up in

    Tampa? Growing up, I was super spoiled

    because Yankees spring training was 10 minutes

    from my house, the Tampa Bay Rays are 35

    minutes away, and there was a huge baseball

    culture in Tampa. People ask all the time who I

    rooted for as a kid. The answer: no one. I had no

    true loyalty to a specic team. I just loved

    baseball. I loved watching it just as much as I did

    playing it. I guess you could call me a baseball


    If someone asked you to give a scouting

    report of yourself, what would you say?

    Denitely my biggest strength is my bat, but also

    to go with that, one thing I take pride in is my

    aggressive approach at the plate. I have a real

    simple but aggressive approach. If I see a ball that

    is remotely in my zone, or if I see a pitch that I

    think I can drive, I’m going to swing at it, or I’m

    going to take a chance that I’m going to take a

    good hack at it.

    What drives you? My passion. I love this game.

    There’s a lot of times where I feel like a fan not a

    player. But I’m lucky enough to play this game. I

    want to be known as a winner, I want to be

    known as a guy that can help a team win. I just

    love to compete. I think it’s the best game in the


    Congratulations on your rst MLB grand slam

    this past weekend! Did you know it was going

    out as soon as it left your bat?


    When was the last time you hit a grandslam?

    In 2018 when I was in the minors in Vegas.

    Grannies are sick. It felt really good, especially in a

    big spot especially when it helps the team win.

    Fill in the blank. If you weren’t a baseball

    player you would be a ___________________?

    I love to cook. So probably a chef. I specialize in

    preparing meat, and I don’t discriminate one bit. I

    am willing to try anything. I look at cooking and

    grilling as an art form, and food is my canvas. It’s

    another way to express myself, and my philosophy

    is that simple is better. I use simple ingredients

    and strategies, like using cherry, apple,

    pecan or maple wood pellets to add an extra

    sweet, smoky taste to the avor prole, to create

    an elevated taste.

    Around a month ago in Florida at spring

    training, you were in a near-fatal trac

    collision. Can you tell everyone about that?

    Sure. I am very happy & lucky to be alive. My car

    ipped over three times. The guy ran a red light,

    T-boned me. I’m just really thankful to be alive. It’s

    just a reminder that anything can happen at any

    given moment. My truck’s windshield was

    shattered. I needed to kick out the truck’s

    windshield in order to free myself. Fortunately, I

    only suered a single scratch on my arm. My wife,

    Haley, witnessed the whole thing. She was

    driving behind me. Haley slammed on her breaks,

    jumped out of her car and ran up to my truck.

    Really thankful that I’m healthy. Very thankful to

    be here.

    How serious of a contender for the World

    Series are the Mets?

    I think we can win it, but only one way to nd out.

    Play the season. We can’t think about being

    champs on Opening Day. We just have to focus

    on winning every day and focus on the now and

    we’ll nd ourselves playing in October and fans

    waving playo towels.