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    Getting to Know New York Yankees Clint Frazier

    Name: Clint Jackson Frazier

    Nick Name: Red Thunder

    Born: September 6, 1994 (age

    24) in Decatur, Georgia

    Height: 6’ 1”

    Drafted: The Cleveland Indians

    selected Frazier with the fifth

    overall selection of the 2013

    draft. The Indians traded Frazier

    (among other prospects) to the Yankees in 2016

    for relief pitcher Andrew Miller.

    Debut: 7/1/2017

    2019 Salary: $563,300

    During 2019 Spring Training, manager Aaron

    Boone announced that Frazier would likely start

    the season in the minors. Frazier was first called

    up on April 2nd in response to the Yankees having

    three injured outfielders at

    once: Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron

    Hicks, and Jacoby Ellsbury.

    How do you like playing in

    New York? It’s awesome. Everyone

    dreams of being in the

    big leagues. To reach that goal

    with what’s considered the

    best baseball franchise in history

    is awesome. You see the

    guys all around the field and

    the clubhouse who are considered

    legends — Reggie Jackson,

    Mariano Rivera, Mark Teixeira, A-Rod. A lot of

    people still come around and I don’t think that’s

    common with other organizations.

    What do you think about your current 2019

    Yankees team? This a really special team and

    obviously things haven’t gone our way with guys

    on the injury list. We’re shocking people but we’re

    not shocking ourselves because we know what we

    can do.

    Who was your boyhood idol? Favorite baseball

    player was Ryan Howard. But as far as hero, probably

    my dad.

    What’s been your best MLB moment so far?

    I would say the first home run I hit. For me, the walk

    off I had against the Brewers in my rookie season

    is probably my favorite moment, but my best moment

    to see is how my family and girlfriend reacted

    to my first home run. I

    would say my first hit, but that

    wasn’t as special as the home

    run to me — just the look on

    all my loved ones’ faces once

    I got the first home run out of

    the way.

    One hitter whose brain you

    would have loved to pick? I

    always loved Gary Sheffield.

    He’s got a lot of bat speed,

    and sometimes my bat speed

    is maybe locked up in a sense

    because I put my body in bad positions to hit the

    ball, and I would like to talk to him to see how he

    utilized the most out of his bat speed.

    Is there one Yankee that you always wanted to

    meet growing up? Yes, Reggie Jackson. My middle

    name is Jackson, so I always wanted to meet

    him. We actually went out for some frozen yogurt

    together after I became a Yankee. It was very cool.

    What is your scouting report on yourself?

    A: A lot of bat speed. A lot of confidence. Someone

    that’s looking to impact the game in any way

    whether it be on the defensive or offensive side or

    on the base paths. Someone who’s gonna go out

    there and give you his all on every play.

    If you were MLB commissioner for a day, what’s

    one thing you would do? I would let you wear

    whatever you want to wear out there. Kind of like

    the NBA’s freed up the shoe policy, just something

    like that. When you let guys go out there and show

    their personality, they might play a little bit better.