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    Noah Syndergaard will be the Mets’ first back-to-back Opening Day pitcher since Johan Santana (2008-10). Noah missed five months last season with a strained right lat. He made just seven starts, finishing at 1-2 with a 2.97 ERA after winning 14 games in ‘16.

    Name: Noah Seth Syndergaard

    Born: August 29, 1992, Mansfield, Texas

    NIckname: Thor

    MLB Debut: May 12, 2015 for the New York Mets

    Signed with: The Toronto Blue Jays, first round, 38th overall selection, of the 2010 MLB Draft.

    Syndergaard went to the Big Apple along with their top catching prospect Travis d’Arnaud for pitcher R.A. Dickey, catchers Josh Thole and Mike Nickeas.

    2017 Salary: $605,500

    How are you feeling these days? A: Right now I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt. I’m feeling very mobile these days.There’s a lot of excitement going on in the clubhouse with a new manager, new pitching coach and a lot of new faces.

    How do you like the new pitching coach Dave Eiland? A: He has a tremendous passion for the game of baseball. I enjoy pitching on the inside part of the plate and he advocates that. So we are a good match.

    With DeGrom, Harvey, Vargas, Matz & Wheeler, the Mets are loaded with star pitchers—is there a camaraderie or a friendly competition amongst the guys? A: We’re really a close-knit group. The Mets, are a team, but the pitching staff and starting pitchers in particular kind of feel like one big unit or a brotherhood. So we’re always pushing each other to get better.

    How much can you squat these days? A: At one point I could squat 455 pounds and dead lift 512 pounds. I can’t really do that anymore. This off season I’ve been working on my mobility.

    How did you get the nickname Thor? A: The home planet of Thor is called Asgard, which is like my last name.A Mets fan gave it to me, and it’s not a bad name to have. It just kind of stuck.

    Favorite Major League Team Growing Up: A: Growing up in Texas, the Texas Rangers

    Athletes in other sports you admire. A: Russell Wilson & J.J. Watt.

    If you could pick the brain of one pitcher in history, who would you pick? A: I would say Nolan Ryan because of his demeanor and attitude on the mound. He was a bulldog out there.