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    Getting to Know Robby Anderson

    NAME: Robert Steven Anderson

    Born: May 9, 1993 (age 26) in Fair Lawn, New Jersey

    Height: 6 ft 3 in

    Weight: 190 lb

    Position: Wide receiver

    College: Temple

    Undrafted: 2016 2019

    Salary: $3,095,000

    What drives you? Just my goals, and what I’ve come from and what I’ve overcome, and my family.

    What have you overcome? A lot. I’ve been counted out, I’ve been kicked out of school, could have been a thousand other places than sitting right here.

    Describe your on-field mentality. Simple. Not gonna let nobody stop me. The game takes twists and turns. It’s never going to go as planned. But it’s similar to life. Overcoming adversity is one of the keys to football and life.

    Have you always had to prove people wrong? Kind of. I’ve always been skinny, so ever since like Little League and stuff, people used to always kind of like down talk me ’cause I was like skinnier, but I was always good. You know how it is growing up when you’re good at something, it’s a lot of people, they kind of try and throw stones.You know I wasn’t drafted, so I look at everything as a blessing.

    What wide receivers do you like? Randy Moss, Travis Benjamin when he was at the Hurricanes, Brandon Marshall. Antonio Brown, Stefon Diggs, A.J. Green, Julio Jones. Their are a lot.

    Who is one cornerback in history that you would like to test your skills against? Charles Woodson and “Prime Time” Deion Sanders.I grew up watching them.

    Which NFL wide receiver do you model your game after? Chad (Ocho Cinco) Johnson & Randy Moss.

    Currently, is there anyone faster than you in the NFL? I don’t think so.

    What are your personal goals? Get to the playoffs and to the Super Bowl and be one of the best all-time in Jets history.

    What would you say is your favorite Jets moment? When I was announced as a starter, my first touchdown, & my famous catch against the Dolphins.

    What do you think your future is like with the New York Jets? I want to be a part of the uprising and the transformation. I think I’ve matured, on and off the field. People are going to say what they want about the past, but I know me as a person. I know what I’ve separated myself from and ways I’ve grown as a man. I’ve isolated myself from things. I don’t want to be here for possibly just one more year. I want to be here for the long term. I feel like I worked hard. The RFA tender is a step up from where I’m at now. But I want to be here for the long term.