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    Getting to Know Spencer Dinwiddie


    Name: Spencer Gray Dinwiddie

    Born: April 6, 1993 (age 26) in Los Angeles, California

    Height: 6 ft 6 in

    Weight: 210 lb

    College: Colorado (2011–2014)

    NBA draft: 2014 / Round: 2 / Pick: 38th overall Selected by the Detroit Pistons

    Current Salary: 2019/20-$10,605,600. On December 8, 2018 the Brooklyn Nets added a three-year extension worth $34 million.

    SAT score: 1400

    Growing up in South LA what was your favorite NBA basketball team growing up? My hometown LA Lakers.

    Who where your favorite players growing up? Magic Johnson & Kobe Bryant.

    Who did you look up to as a child? Definitely my parents.

    You graduated with honors in high school. You picked Colorado over Harvard. What was the thought process behind that? I was just trying to get to the league. I thought going to Colorado gave me the best chance to get to the league, and I wanted to play in the Pac-12. It seems that every year since you’ve been in the league you’ve had different issues, between injuries and going from one team to the next, how do you deal with pressure? My motto is to always put maximum effort toward everything. That’s part of why I feel like I’m able to still be here, even with my back against the wall every year of my career, come out swinging and relatively on top. It’s because of that preparation, that dedication, that hard work. That doesn’t change.

    Please tell our readers something about you, that they might not know. I’m a chef. I love cooking.

    Favorite meal to cook? Steak. Medium well. Just slight pink.

    What do you like best about your current 2019-20 Nets team? Everybody is very selfless. Everybody wants to win. Everybody is very close. We don’t really have any guys on the team that are just in it for themselves.

    How far can the Nets go this season? We’re trying to make the playoffs and we’re trying to win championships in the future. That’s what I signed on to be a part of and I’m also trying to push my limits individually and hopefully that helps the ball club as much as it possibly can. On December 8, 2018 the Brooklyn Nets added a three-year extension worth $34 million.