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    Chop the following
    One small head of cabbage
    one bunch of scallions
    3 to 4 Persian cucumbers

    Put the following ingredients
    inside a blender
    1 bunch parsley
    2 cups spinach
    4 cloves of garlic

    Half a red onion
    1/4 cup of olive oil
    1/4 cup of cashews (raw)
    1/3 cup of nutritional yeast
    2 tablespoons of rice
    wine vinegar
    Two lemons juiced
    1/3 cup water
    salt and pepper to taste


    I first saw this viral salad on baked by
    Melissa. I originally thought she was
    only about mini cupcakes, but she
    has the best salad recipes. If you’re
    not following her you should. I
    tweaked the dressing ingredients a
    little bit to put my own spin on it.
    Melissa eats it with chips and it’s
    really incredible. I’ve never thought to
    eat salad that way. You should
    definitely give it a try.
    Blend dressing until smooth. If
    necessary you can add a little more
    olive oil or water. Toss with salad