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    As the scary, tumultuous

    events of the Israel-
    Hamas conflict unfold

    daily, we see before
    our eyes the fulfillment
    of many Biblical and
    Midrashic forecasts.
    About Yishmael, the
    Torah tells us, “Yado vakol v’yad kol
    bo – His hand will be into everyone, and
    everyone will be in him.” It has long been
    understood that the phrase ‘everyone will
    be in him’ refers to the global need for oil
    from the Arab kingdoms. But, what does
    ‘yado vakol’ mean, that his hand will be into
    Many were shocked by the behavior of
    the elite and Ivy League colleges, how
    they failed to protest vehemently against
    open antisemitism, how they told their
    Jewish constituents to stay low, instead of
    coming out with figurative guns-a-blazing
    at the horrific behavior of the anti-Jewish
    Well, don’t be too shocked. In the last few
    decades, the lowest estimation is that the
    elite and Ivy League colleges received eight
    billion dollars in Arab funding. A whopping
    four billion dollars came from Qatar, the
    source of the recently proclaimed ‘Global

    Day of Jihad.’ We were all appalled at the
    Cornell professor who was “exhilarated”
    over the Hamas attack. Why should we be
    surprised when Cornell alone received 1.5
    billion dollars in Arab funding? This is the
    fulfillment of yado vakol. The Arabs have
    their hands influencing all over.
    Yado vakol is not just in the area of
    education. It’s also in the political arena
    where Arab funding has been funneled
    into different campaigns, influencing the
    selection of political leaders who further
    spew rhetoric such as “From the river to the
    sea, Palestine will be free.”
    When we hear about a United Nations
    resolution after the Hamas atrocities of
    October 7 condemning all violence against
    all civilians, thus equating Hamas’ and
    Israel’s actions, and giving no room for
    Israel’s right of self-defense or no room for
    the condemnation and outrage against the
    unprovoked murder and torture by Hamas
    of children, women and men.We see the
    fulfillment of that which it says in the
    Medrash Tanchuma in this week’s parsha
    Toldos [5], “Such is the might of one sheep
    standing among 70 wolves,” and what Reb
    Yehoshua ben Levi concludes with his
    soothing, “Great is the Shepherd (Hashem)
    that saves the sheep from them.”

    When hundreds of
    thousands gathered in
    London, the UK capital,
    for a Palestinian anti-Israel
    rally. And in Washington
    DC, also hundreds of
    thousands chanting “Lift
    the siege on Gaza now,”
    and, “Palestine will be
    free.”It reminds us of some
    very important truths. As
    the Torah prophesized in
    Bamidbar [23:9], “Hein am
    levadad yishkon u’vagoyim
    lo yis’chashoav – We are a
    nation that dwells apart,
    amongst the nations we are
    not important. As the great
    Netziv, zt”l, zy”a, interprets, “If we stay to
    ourselves and keep our laws, we will dwell
    securely. But, if we assimilate, they will not
    give us any value.” As the famous saying
    goes, “When the Jew doesn’t make Kiddush,
    then the goyim make Havdalah.” This
    means that if we don’t sanctify ourselves by
    our behavior in our fulfillment of the Torah,
    the goy will actively shun us and denigrate
    us. We also see openly before our eyes
    the clear fulfillment of halacha b’yadu’ah,
    “She’Eisav sonei’h es Yaakov.”
    There is another vital lesson. Many
    impressionable young Jewish minds
    have been swayed by the opinions of
    hundreds of thousands of liberal minded
    Americans. They have been influenced
    to believe that alternate life styles like
    LGBTQ are completely acceptable.
    For, after all, thousands of people are
    accepting and lauding such ways of life.
    It should be an eye-opener to many of
    them, that hundreds of thousands (many
    of the same liberal woke persuasion) can
    come chant and applaud the behavior of

    Hamas who entered homes and cold-
    bloodedly gunned down entire families.

    How the same liberals go around pulling
    down pictures of kidnapped hostages.
    How black lives matter champions can
    glorify pictures of Hamas Terrorits may
    their name be erased coming on hand
    gliders to attack.
    Rav Avigdor Miller, zt”l, zy”a, once
    said that you might think that in order
    to not believe in Christianity you need
    to study Christian theology. He roundly
    debunked this. Rather, he said, all you
    need to do is look at the many Christian
    leaders who promoted the blood libels,
    or the many crusaders who represented
    the church while murdering and raping
    Jewish families as they were carrying
    the cross. Rav Miller also recommended
    not to pay attention to the behavior of the
    masses. He was once asked why Hashem
    allowed Islam to be born. He explained
    that when the faith of Christianity was

    introduced, many people said, “How could
    it be wrong? Look how many millions have
    embraced it.” So Hashem introduced Islam
    which also had millions of adherents. Then,
    since one had to be wrong, we can accept
    that they both are wrong.
    Once again, the young impressionable
    Jewish minds affected by the woke
    persuasion should take a good look into
    their Jewish souls and realize the lunacy of
    those chanting “From the river to the sea,
    Palestine will be free,” essentially espousing
    the obliteration of Israel. They should say
    to themselves, “Just like this is garbage, a
    lot else of what else is liberal ideology is
    equally foolishness and futility.”
    I will end off with the last Baal HaTurim of
    parshas Chayei Sarah [25:18], on the words
    of the parsha where it says, “…Al pnei chol
    echav nafal,” that Yishmael lived among
    all of his families. The Baal HaTurim
    writes, “And the next posuk (the first posuk
    in parshas Toldos) says, ‘V’eileh toldos
    Yitzchak,’ to teach us that when Yishmael
    falls, at the end of days (emphasizing
    nafal, fall) then will sprout the Moshiach,
    son of Dovid, who is from the offspring of
    Yitzchak.” The holy Baal HaTurim is telling

    us that it won’t be a peace treaty or a two-
    state solution. Rather, Yishmael will fall and

    Moshiach ben Dovid will come.
    May we all, speedily and in good health,
    see this time in our days.