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    Do you ever
    have it where
    two people
    can be eating
    the same food, but need to
    make different brachos?
    There are many
    examples. I’ll give
    you an example in
    hilchos brachos.
    Let’s say you have
    two fruits on the
    table, an apple and
    an orange.
    They’re not one of
    the sheva minim
    and they’re both
    borei pri ha’etz.
    Which do you
    make a bracha on?
    You’re going to eat both and have
    them both on the table, so which

    do you make the bracha on? The
    halacha is you make the bracha on
    the one you like better. So let’s say
    you and I are sitting at the same
    table. You and I are both going to
    eat an apple and an orange, but you
    like apples
    better and I
    like oranges
    better. So the
    halacha is,
    the one who
    likes the apple
    makes the
    bracha on the
    apple and the
    one who likes
    the orange
    makes the
    bracha on the
    There certainly is a level of
    objectivity in hilchos brachos.

    Does one need to
    cover their head
    when making a
    You can’t make a
    bracha without wearing
    a yarmulke. If you
    don’t have a yarmulke
    available, you can take
    your sleeve and put it
    on top of your head.
    You can’t use your hand
    because one body part can’t cover
    Eating bread without
    washing. Can you hold the
    bread in paper?
    Eating bread with just covering your
    hands is only permissible when
    water is not available. But wherever
    water is available, let’s say on a plane,
    you can’t just say well I want to eat

    the roll. It isn’t easy to get to the
    water on the plane, but that doesn’t
    give you permission to just cover
    your hand and eat the bread. Only
    if water is not available, do you have
    the right to cover your hands and
    not wash. If you’re on the highway
    and there’s really nowhere to pull
    over and get water within twenty
    minutes of where you are, then you
    can eat the bread. Your hands have to
    be covered with a bag or with gloves.