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    Is a Jew Allowed to Eat Synthetic Meat & Then Drink a Dairy Coffee publicly? Right now, we haven’t even finished determining the status of synthetic meat because the technology used to develop that meat is not complete either. Meaning, they’re still working on determining how it’s going to be manufactured and what part of the animal is going to be used to manufacture it which will have an impact on our decision if it’s fleishig or milchig. As of what we currently know, we’re still going to have to call it fleishig, and it’s fleishig.

    Can a Sefardi and Ashkenazi eat meat from each other’s hashgachas? The answer is that an Ashkenazi can certainly eat meat from a Sefardi hashgacha. The Sefardi standard, when it comes to glatt, is certainly higher than an Ashkenazi’s standard. Therefore, when you have meat which is labeled “Bet Yoseph,” it’s certainly acceptable to an Ashkenazi. A Sefardi may want to consider if what we call glatt, is satisfactory to him. There are some Sefardi rabbonim that believe that what we consider glatt is enough for Sefardim as well, and there are some that don’t.