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    I am trying to watch my health, and I would like to make homemade smoothies for breakfast. I plan to blend pear and mango in a blender until they become liquids. What bracha should I recite on the smoothie?

    After you squeeze fruits and vegetables and they are no longer a whole fruit, they are no longer borei pri ha’etz or ha’adama; it becomes she- hakol. The same goes for orange juice; even if you’re drinking 100% premium orange juice, the bracha is no longer borei pri haetz, rather it’s she- hakol. therefore the bracha on smoothies is she- hakol.

    Are there any issues with eating plant based meat? Does one need a hechsher on plant based meat?

    Plant based meat is a food like all other foods and needs a hashgacha. There are many ingredients that go into the production of plant based meats that need kashrus supervision. The plant based meat is made in equipment that we have to ascertain was only used for kosher food that didn’t become non-kosher. Therefore, even though there are many kosher plant based meats that are supervised, one should never eat plant based meat that isn’t properly supervised.