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    Is one allowed to gamble in a casino?
    I don’t understand why a religious Jew would be going
    into a casino. The Gemara says that if someone does
    gambling full time, he’s disqualified from being a kosher
    witness. The Gemara says such a person is an individual who’s not living
    the way he’s supposed to be living. Besides, there are very serious halachic
    issues if you gamble money, where it might be called stealing. In a scenario
    where I am shown something and now I’m betting more and more to
    win a prize, I’m gambling under the assumption that I’m going to win,
    not that I’m going to lose. These are complicated issues, where you’d be
    taking money that doesn’t belong to you. Moreover, besides the halachic
    issues I just mentioned, I don’t believe haskafically that a Jew belongs
    in a casino. The environment is an inappropriate environment. I know
    here at the OU, we have been approached many times by various people
    who would like us to certify yachts. We have never done that because the
    environment of gambling and other entertainment is not appropriate.
    Part of being a Jew is not just finding a heter in the Shulchan Aruch to do
    what you’re doing; you have to know that this is an environment we don’t

    belong in. I’ve never
    been in a casino, but
    I don’t think it’s an
    environment that a
    religious Jew belongs
    in. I often tell the
    people in my shul,
    we’re going to be
    judged for everything,
    but who we really are
    as people is identified
    by what we do in our
    leisure time. We all
    have to go to work
    and do whatever we have to do, but how you spend that leisure time
    is what defines a person. I’m not saying you shouldn’t go on vacation or
    have a vacation, but it’s where you go and how you spend your leisure
    time that really says a lot about a person. If one spends their free time at a
    casino, I think they should rethink who they are as a person.