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    Kashruth Question of the Week

    What’s the status of a pareve soup cooked in a pareve bowl in a Fleishig microwave?

    It’s still pareve but can not be eaten together with milk. For example, if someone cooks spaghetti in a clean dairy pot, it can not be eaten WITH meatballs but can be eaten AFTER meatballs.


    May one use a microwave for both Milchig and Fleishig?

    There are two issues: one is the issue of Kashuring. If it became fleishig/milchig you have to kashur it before you turn it into the other status. Then there’s another issue the Magen Avraham teaches us that one should not have one set of silverware at home that he goes back and forth from Milchig to Fleishig even if he’s going to Kashur them. There is the concern that you’ll forget to kashur them or won’t kashur them properly. Using the same microwave has the same problem.

    If you want to go back and forth in the same microwave, it’s no different than the case with the silverware, which you shouldn’t do. A stove doesn’t need to be Kashured. You can use the stove back and forth without Kashuring, but a microwave needs to be Kashured.