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    Kasruth Questions Of The Week

    Does every store that is under the OU have a mashgiach temidi?

    Every retail food establishment that is under the OU has a Mashgiach Temidi. Meaning, every restaurant, whether Fleishig or Milchig, has a Mashgiach Temidi. Every caterer that we certify, no matter who owns them, has a Mashgiach Temidi.

    In Eretz Yisrael there are many kosher establishments that say that they are kosher l’mehadrin without having a teudah. What precautions should someone take before eating in a place like that?

    They shouldn’t take precautions- they just shouldn’t eat there! One should not eat in an establishment that does not have a Hashgacha.

    Yes, we all eat at home and we don’t have a hashgacha in our kitchen; our family is our Hashgacha. But when you’re dealing with an establishment where so much goes on in in such a busy kitchen, where there’s so much incentive to do something not right because of the difference of prices between Kosher and non-kosher meat, and the other challenges that are always there in the kitchen, if it doesn’t have a reliable Hashgacha, you shouldn’t eat there.

    Cholov Yisroel verses Cholov Stam: Can one assume that all dairy products in Israel are Cholov Yisrael?

    All dairy products manufactured or imported in Eretz Yisroel are Cholov Yisroel unless labeled differently. It’s something the Rabbanut and the Hashgachas in Israel watch for. But there are certain products in certain circumstances that will not be pure Cholov Yisroel, which will be noted on the product.