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    Millennial Naomi Levin Seeks to Dethrone Nadler

    Name: Naomi Levin

    Lives: Upper West Side on West End Ave. In the upper 80’s.

    Party Affiliation: Running on 3 party lines: Republican, Conservative and Reform.

    Opponent: Jerry Nadler

    District: The 10th Congressional district, which encompasses the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the west side of Midtown Manhattan, and the west side of Lower Manhattan, including the Financial District, which is the site of Ground Zero. The 10th district also includes sections of Brooklyn, notably Borough Park. Background: As the daughter of refugees, Naomi Levin learned early in life to value the freedoms protected by the United States Constitution. Her parents witnessed firsthand the devastation communism wrought in Russia and came to America in the late 1970s to raise their family in a land of opportunity, far from the oppression they experienced.

    Languages spoken:

    English, Hebrew, French & Russian.

    How did you get into politics? I became involved in politics when Jerry Nadler supported the Iran Nuclear Deal. Nadler was the only Jewish Democrat from New York to endorse President Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran. I could no longer remain silent, no longer watch Iran become an even greater menace. Iran’s recent drive toward domination has caused much destabilization in the Middle East and threatens our National Security. We cannot allow Iran to become a state sponsor of terrorism with nuclear capability. The Iran deal, championed by Congressman Nadler, was deeply flawed. It released over $100B to the world’s greatest state sponsor of terrorism, guarantees that Iran will become a threshold nuclear power in no more than 10 or 15 years, and has allowed Iran to proceed with its proliferation away from the eyes of inspectors. It also allows Iran to develop ballistic missiles that could deliver a nuclear warhead to the United States, and likely will set off a nuclear arms race in the Middle East. We need a plan to impose harsh economic sanctions on Iran. I would advocate for a sanctions time frame and assess the efficacy. I will work with Congress to make sure we have a sound plan of action for Iran so that this problem can be resolved peacefully while we have the time.

    You’re running for Congresswoman. Can you please describe the job of a Congresswoman? The goal of a Congresswoman is to figure out the issues that her constituents care about, what their concerns are, what they would want addressed on a federal level and carry those concerns to Washington to do everything they can to help resolve these issues.

    What would you consider some of the main issues right now that need to be addressed that are facing the Jewish people as a district and as a whole? I think America as a whole and the Jewish community needs to focus on 3 issues, One is strengthening national security. That’s a physical way we can defend our country. The other is expanding education opportunities. Which is a cultural way we can protect our values by passing them on to our future generation in a way they can learn them. And I talk a lot about school choice and I talk a lot about giving incentives to schools to change educational outcomes. That’s why we need to have school choice, why we need to have non-public schools and support the ones that are doing well with federal funding. And finally, I talk about strengthening our country economically. We have an incredible economic growth today but there are many changes that we can still do. Our tax burden in New York is outrageous and we can lower it and we can make changes to the federal tax code. I have some ideas on that which we can get in to if there is more time.

    What do you think about the job Congressman Jerald Nadler has done? I think that the current Congressman has been focused almost entirely on national partisan politics and he’s doing this at the expense of his constituents without leaving much time and effort to issues that really matter to people.

    What are the top 3 things you would like to accomplish during your first term as Congresswoman? I would work on solving problems for sound foreign policy to keep our country safe, expanding education opportunities and the economy. (They are my 3 key issues I have covered them and also on technical, non-ideologic approaches to the problem.) As a software engineer, I have a practical approach. We need to have maintainable solutions, scalable solutions, and a common-sense approach.

    Where do you stand on federal funding for non-public schools and services for special needs students? I support any efforts to increase school choice opportunities. This includes federal and local efforts and combining the two.

    What is your opinion on President Trump’s job so far? My favorite question! I think that his efforts so far seemed to have great results particularly when it comes to domestic policy in regards to the economy, and in strengthening the U.S./Israel alliance. Some things seem more controversial to me, like his approach with Putin, Kim Jong Un and people like them. I also think that some of his rhetoric could be softer, but I judge him based on his policies not his rhetoric.

    Is there anything else you would like to tell readers of The Vues? The Jewish community needs to know that Jerry Nadler is a dangerous symbol. It’s time for a change. We need a new face. Jerry Nadler has been in office for the last 26 years. When he talks about what is good or bad for Israel & the Jewish people, he speaks for us and he represents American Jews. The message he’s been sending is wrong and we need to change that message. Please help me make the change by voting for me next Tuesday, November 6th.