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    In Shmos 22:24 the posuk discusses the concept of lending money. The Mechilta writes that whenever the Torah uses the word “im” it is optional, except in this posuk about lending money where it is a mitzvah.

    We can kler whether it is a mitzvah that applies only for money, or does it apply to lending objects as well?

    The Panim Yafos says that the posuk is referring davka to lending money being a mitzvah and not lending objects. The reason for this is that since a person may not charge interest when lending money, he should know that he does not lose out. However, objects may be rented and can also get used up, so one would not be mechuyav to lend it.

    The Panim Yafos brings a proof from the Ran that says that someone who borrows a sefer from his friend is pattur from onsim because he does not have hana’a exclusively. This is so since he is doing a mitzvah, but on other things we don’t say that since the person loses out on the abuse of the object.

    The Shailos Utshuvos Imrei Yosher 1:44 says that when it comes to lending money you are only required to do so if you are confident you will get the money back. When it comes to lending objects, if it is anything that will get used up, one is not required to lend it out, with the exception of sefarim.

    May we be zocheh to do the mitzvah of lending properly.