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    What do you think about Mordy’s new YouTube video ABBA?

    It was beyond breathtaking. He took the words right out of Tehillim from L’Dovid Hashem Ori and they were beautiful, really meaningful.

    What does Mordechai call you, Abba, Tattie, Daddy?

    He calls me Dad.

    Give me some insight into what Mordechai was like as a child.

    He was always the one with the microphone from age three and up.

    At what age did you realize that Mordechai was going to be a popular singer in the Jewish world?

    That didn’t happen until much later but starting at seven/eight years old when he was in the Miami Boys choir, we realized he had a tremendous potential. Every year he just went to another level. Then he made Aliyah and he had to unmake Aliya because he didn’t have the potential to make a living like he does in the States. When he came back to the States, he grew in rapid progression. He went from one level to the next and it was beautiful to watch. It was hard; it was hard to get to the next level and for people to take him seriously but he did it. He made a great accomplishment.

    What’s your favorite [Mordechai] Shapiro song?

    That’s tough. Every time he comes out with a new album or video it becomes the latest, most beautiful song. It’s like asking which of your kids is the best, they’re all great.

    While watching the video, obviously you noticed that Mordechai’s kids were in it, but his Abba is not there. What’s up with that?

    The song is about our Father in heaven. I was in the Pesach song, V’hi Sh’amda. I told him I want the next crack at it.

    Anything you want to tell us about Mordechai in general? Something we don’t know?

    It’s great to be around him. He’s full of positive energy. Whether it’s in the house, in the backyard, or at a gig, there’s a tremendous amount of excitement coming from him and it’s beautiful to watch.