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    Torah IQ is a sefer full of over 1500 riddles and brainteasers. The sefer, introduced in June 2021, is organized with sections on the weekly parshiyot, general Torah questions, a trivia filled section of “Biggest, Smallest, Longest, Shortest”, questions on the chagim, an intriguing section of challenging halacha and brachot questions and a final section of brain teasers. Answers are given at the end of each section. The answers come from the gamut of meforshim, rishonom and midrashim, including classics like the Ba’al Haturim, Targum, Chida, Chassidic masters, and many others.

    Torah IQ is the result of over three decades of questions and answers at the Toronto Bnai Torah Youth Minyan organized by the minyan leader, David Woolf. Its pleasing layout and organization is the creative work of the author’s son, Yitz Woolf, who is the co-developer of the amazing photo benchers, Let’s Bench ( www.letsbench.com ).

    Torah IQ is available online from Amazon worldwide, bookdepository.com and many retailers including Barnes & Noble.

    A few excerpts from reviews of the sefer:

    From Torah Book Reviews Blog by Rav Ari Enkin:

    “Torah IQ is an amazingly thorough and competent work. The pearls, tidbits, factoids, and explanations are outstanding. It is a very attractive, well designed, informal work that makes you want to spend more time with it. There is something for everyone.”

    From Rav Mordechai Torczyner, Rosh Kollel Zichron Dov, Toronto:

    This past Shabbos I had the pleasure of looking through a new sefer, Torah IQ. This sefer would have been very useful to me when I was in shul rabbonus. It is astoundingly good, and I could see it as a great resource for youth programs, shul bulletins, and Quiz Show programs.

    From Rabbi Gil Student in OU Jewish Action:

    Torah IQ provides readers with a few years’ worth of questions for the Shabbat table. The book contains twenty questions for each parshah. Torah IQ goes one step further, with questions about holidays, laws and blessings, general trivia and brain teasers. A creative parent or teacher can easily use these questions for edutainment purposes. Torah IQ gives us the opportunity to learn some new things as a family, allowing us to experience the weekly Torah portion together.

    From The Jewish Press:

    Torah IQ is full of trivia but is not a trivial pursuit. Torah IQ is a great tool for parents, Shabbaton leaders, Parshat Shavua teachers, youth group leaders, rebbes, Bible quiz contestants – well, just about everybody. And it makes a great bar mitzvah present!

    Welcome aboard, TORAH IQ!