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    As everybody knows, we
    blow the shofar a lot on
    Rosh Hashanah. In fact,
    we blow no fewer than
    100 sounds on each day of
    the two days.

    Already the Gemara raised the question of
    why we blow so many shofar sounds. The
    Torah obligation can be fully satisfied with
    just the first set of 30 shofar sounds which
    we blow before musaf. Why, then, do we
    blow all the extra shofar sounds?
    The Gemara gives a very mysterious
    answer to this question: “in order to
    confound the Satan.”
    Numerous interpretations have been
    offered for this remark. Tosafot, a
    commentary on the page of the Gemara,
    explains that when the Satan hears the extra
    sounds, he fears that this is
    the shofar heralding the arrival of Mashiah,
    when he will meet his final downfall. He
    becomes so frightened that he does not have
    the ability to prosecute against us.
    Later commentators ask a strong question
    about Tosafot’s explanation. Is Satan really
    worried that the extra shofar sounds mean
    that Mashiah is coming? We blew the same
    number of shofar sounds last year, and the
    year before, and the year before that, and for
    many, many years. All of a sudden now, this
    year, Satan thinks that the
    extra shofar sounds are the sounds
    of Mashiah? After hearing this number of
    sounds year after year after year, he’s still
    The commentators give a very powerful
    answer. They explain that Satan knows
    something that we don’t.
    Satan knows how great the Jewish People
    are. He knows that we are very capable of
    repenting and bringing Mashiah. He knows
    how close we are to our destiny. And so he
    is always afraid that we’ve gotten
    there. When he hears the shofar, he is
    worried that this might be the time of our
    final redemption. He believes in us more
    than we believe in ourselves.
    On Rosh Hashanah, we all come together
    to crown Hashem as King over the
    world. We are chosen for this because we
    are His special, beloved nation. We are
    royalty. We are unique. We are His
    cherished people.
    Rosh Hashanah is not only about our fear
    of judgment. It’s primarily about
    recognizing our royal stature, feeling
    privileged to be part of Hashem’s “royal
    family.” Sure, this privilege carries with is
    certain obligations and responsibilities. But
    it is still a great privilege, one for which we

    should feel especially grateful.
    If we have doubts about whether we really
    our royalty, the Satan reminds us. His fear
    on Rosh Hashanah shows us just how much
    potential we have.

    As we assemble this Rosh Hashanah to
    crown Hashem as King, let us recommit
    ourselves to abide by the standards expected
    of His “royal family,” and celebrate this
    unique, priceless privilege that we have
    been given.