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    Reb Shlomo Cohen
    was a student of the
    Chazon Ish, and he
    was renowned for his
    hasmadah in Torah. At
    one point in his life, he
    became involved in some
    communal activities to
    save Yidden from
    becoming secular. The
    Chazon Ish told him,
    “Your strength is in
    Torah,” and he tried to
    convince him to wean
    away from other holy
    activities. Reb Shlomo
    Cohen explained to him
    the dire need for the
    activities he was involved in. The Chazon Ish
    replied, “You must learn Torah. And with
    learning Torah, you are helping Klal Yisrael.
    Just being great in Torah shines spirituality to
    all your surroundings.”
    On another occasion, the Chazon Ish said,
    “One person learning Torah can create a
    greater spiritual revolution than a thousand
    activists can accomplish.”
    In a letter (Igros vol.3, 62), the Chazon Ish
    discusses the need for people to daven to save
    Yidden from becoming irreligious, and the
    need for people to take action, and the need for

    Torah scholars to be immersed in Torah. Each
    person does their part, and together, with
    Hashem’s help, they can save Klal Yisrael. He
    writes, “Just as eyes are for seeing, ears are for
    hearing, and hands do things, etc., so is the
    nation like one body made of many people,
    and each person must do his part. If bnei Torah
    study Torah sincerely, it will save many
    children and adults from sinful thoughts and
    heresy, etc. The holiness from their Torah
    learning will bring forth a spirit of purity into
    the world. In the neighborhoods where there
    are true bnei Torah, it is clearly noticeable the
    great influence they have on many people. If
    they tried to accomplish the same thing in any
    other way, they would fail. Even the people
    who are very distant from Yiddishkeit are
    affected positively by their influence, only it
    isn’t so noticeable by them because it is
    The Chareidim writes, “Since all Bnei Yisrael
    are like one person, when one person becomes
    righteous it influences all of Klal Yisrael. Also,
    when one person sins, it affects all Yidden. So,
    rouse yourself sincerely in teshuvah, and when
    you do teshuvah, intend that this should bring
    all of Bnei Yisrael to teshuvah.”
    The Chareidim adds that this is the explanation
    of the pasuk (Hoshei’a 14:2-3), Shuva Yisrael
    Ad Hashem Elokeichem…K’chu Emachem
    Devarim V’shuvu El Hashem “Return Yisrael,

    unto Hashem your G-d… Take words with you
    and return to Hashem.” The beginning of the
    pasuk is talking to one person (Shuva is in
    singular tense). The end of the pasuk is
    speaking to many people (as it states, K’chu…
    V’shuvu). The Chareidim explains that this is
    because one person did teshuvah, resulting in
    many people doing teshuvah.
    The Chareidim continues, “It states (Hoshei’a
    14:5), ‘For my anger has turned away from
    them.’ The Gemara (Yoma 86:) teaches from
    this pasuk, ‘Even if only one person does
    teshuvah, Hashem forgives the aveiros of all
    the Bnei Yisrael.’ This is because his teshuvah
    rouses everyone else to teshuvah.
    The Chozeh of Lublin zt’l (quoted in Chinuch
    Beis Yehudah) said:
    “It is impossible for every person to go around
    the streets, giving mussar to people to bring
    them back to Torah, because if one does so,
    when will he learn Torah? Rather, when a
    person studies Torah lishmah – wherever he is
    – and he studies B’sheim Klal Yisrael, that it
    should be a merit for all of Bnei Yisrael – this
    will inspire thoughts of teshuvah in people’s
    hearts. It will be as if he gave tochachah (and
    taught them to go in Hashem’s ways).”
    This can be the translation of the pasuk
    (Tehillim 84:6), “Praiseworthy is the man
    whose strength is in You, paths in their hearts.”

    Strength refers to Torah. The pasuk is saying
    that when one studies Torah, even all by
    himself, this opens roads in others hearts and
    rouses them to teshuvah.
    We are discovering the amazing merits a Yid
    can attain. A person studying Torah might
    think he isn’t accomplishing much. But, in
    truth, he is bringing thoughts of teshuvah and
    yearning for Torah into the hearts of hundreds,
    maybe thousands, or millions of people. We
    are all connected, our souls are one, and
    therefore each person’s growth affects
    everyone else.
    People have great aspirations; they want to
    accomplish a lot. They want to be mekarev
    multitudes of people to Torah and emunah.
    As we see, it is indeed possible, each person in
    his own way.