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    This past weekend Ari Hirsch from The Country Vues interviewed Marcos, the
    famous waiter at the Hudson Valley Resort. Marcos has been a waiter in the
    Catskills Borscht Belt for almost forty years. He is very well known & liked by
    thousands of people he has served over the years.


    Name: Marcos Demiranda
    Age: 63
    Years working as a waiter:
    Almost 40 years. In 1982, I started as a
    busboy and after two years in 1994, I
    became a waiter.

    Which hotels did you work at over the
    Most of the time I was at Kutsher’s hotel, but I
    worked at many others. I worked at the Pines,
    the Fallsview, Concord, the Hudson Valley
    Resort, and many more.

    What’s your favorite part about being a
    Meeting and talking to a lot of interesting
    people. Guests come back over the years
    and remember me. Many people remember
    me from Kutsher’s. There are families that
    I’ve served for so many years. When they see
    me, they come and hug me and say that they
    miss me, so I make a lot of friends. I have
    friends who call me from Israel and Alaska.
    They keep calling me. They take my phone
    number and always call me.

    How many hours, on average, are you on
    your feet a day?
    On average, about 9 hours a day.

    How does it work with tips? Do most people
    give you tips?
    Years ago, there used to be a lot of cash
    and hotel owners only paid us by the hour,
    (minimum wage) and then the guests tipped
    us separately; the house tip was not included.
    Now the house tip is included, so the hotel

    owners tip us instead of the guests tipping us.
    There are still plenty of people that tip us also.

    What is the average tip that someone
    gives you for a family that’s here for the
    On average, I would say we are tipped $5.00
    a person.

    Do you find that most people are
    appreciative of what you do?
    Yes, most people are very nice & appreciative.

    Are you amazed at how much people eat?
    Not really. Some people eat a lot, some people
    eat a little. Chasidic people, on average, don’t
    eat a lot.

    What’s the most annoying thing people say
    to you?
    Sometimes people complain about the food’s
    taste. We only serve the food. They say the
    food is too salty or the food is too this or too
    that, and it’s not our fault. We only bring it out.

    Do you enjoy kosher food?

    What’s your favorite kosher food?
    I enjoy eating cholent, matzah ball soup, and

    How do you carry so many plates &
    balance them?
    I’m so used to it. I started with only 20 main
    dishes on a plate. The only problem is I can
    only do it with my right hand, I can’t do it with
    both hands. I have been doing this for so many
    years, so I’ve learned to balance well.

    What is the most difficult part about being
    a waiter?
    When it’s a buffet it’s easy. Sometimes when
    we take orders, we have to wait in the kitchen
    for a long time. Every once in a while they
    run out of food. You order
    something, we go to the

    line, there’s no more food-
    that is the difficult part.

    And then you have to go
    to the guests and say “I’m
    sorry we don’t have any
    more.” It doesn’t happen
    that many times, but by
    holidays like Passover,
    it usually happens for
    people’s second choices.
    Usually for the first
    choice, everybody is
    good. But people say

    “Can I have more? It’s so good.” And then
    we go to the kitchen and they have no more.

    Do you live around the Hudson Valley
    I live in Monticello. 5 minutes away from the
    old Kutsher’s.

    How did you meet the owner of the Hudson
    Valley Resort, Yossi Zablocki?
    He used to be a guest at Kutsher’s and then
    they sold the hotel to him. He came over, he
    liked it, and the kitchen was run by another
    caterer. He took over there, he met me, and
    he said “Marcos, do you want to work with
    me? I’m the owner.” My sister, my two
    cousins, and I used to work for him. They
    went away, and I’m the only one who stayed
    with Yossi the whole time. I think he liked
    me and I liked him.

    Did you ever serve somebody famous?
    Yes, The Garfunkel family from Simon &
    Garfunkel. In Kutsher’s we used to call them
    the Floridian people because there was a group
    of people who sold their New York houses and
    moved to Florida. Then in the summertime
    they came back to New York. A lot of people
    came back for the summertime and Mrs.
    Garfunkel was one of them. She said, “Wait
    a minute, here’s my son.” He used to come a
    couple of weekends with her. In those days,
    we didn’t have cell phones. One time she said,
    “Marcos, we’re going to order this meal like
    room service because when we eat everyone
    comes to ask for an autograph. I didn’t want to
    take out a camera and ask for a picture because
    I didn’t want to bother them. They are there to
    relax. Other famous guests were Liza Minelli,
    Jennifer Grey (from the movie Dirty Dancing)
    who came with her father, Wilt Chamberlain
    and a lot of boxers also came.

    Did Wilt Chamberlain eat a lot?
    He ate a lot. We brought him big bowls of

    How often did Wilt Chamberlain come to
    He would come at least one weekend

    a summer. He would have a basketball
    tournament at Kutshers. A lot of people don’t
    believe it, but it happened for many years.
    Google it!

    How much longer do you want to be a
    waiter for?
    G-d knows. Let me tell you, I work in a hotel
    only six months a year, then I work elsewhere
    for six months because we’re only busy in
    the summer. I work from Passover to Sukkos.
    After that, we do a few jobs here and there or
    stay home and rest.