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    Rabbi Moshe Greenberg ZT”L; A Rav, A Leader and A Dear Zaidy- A Grandchild’s Perspective

    This past week, Klal Yisroel lost a Gadol, as we lost our Zaidy. Zaidy started off in Europe, born in the town of Yanova, Poland. At a young age, he came over to America, facing a tough challenge to uphold a fortified foundation of Yiddishkeit, against the developing American Culture. Zaidy graced the halls of Yeshivas Torah Vodaath and Telshe, along with being from the early Talmidim of Bais Medrash Gavoah, under the leadership of Rabbi Aharon Kotler TZ”L. He proved to be an outstanding Talmud Chachom among his peers. Together with Bubby, a proud descendant of the renowned Cohen family, they set out to build a life of Torah and Avodas Hashem. Originally, they lived in Williamsburg, then moved to Flatbush just a mere fifty-eight years ago. As you know, Flatbush then did not look like how it looks today. One of the very first projects that Zaidy set out to do was to establish a shiur at his own dining room table every single Shabbos, to make the joy of studying Torah available to those around him. Torah always reverberated in his home. Zaidy would spend hours on-end sitting in his chair by that dining room table, in the same place that many who are reading this have been accustomed to seeing him sit in. The recent completion of the Kesivas Sefer Torah that Zaidy arranged in honor of his family, was a proud moment that he had yearned for. By example, Bubby and Zaidy wanted everyone to know that the Torah’s way was to be our foundation of life. As Flatbush grew and many young people started to move into the neighborhood, they reached out to Zaidy to deliver Shiurim in their fledgling Shul, named the Young Israel of Midwood (Ocean Ave and Ave L). He then became their part-time Rabbi and ultimately their treasured Morah D’asra. Zaidy did not just become a revered Rav and Posek to his congregants; he also was a beloved father to them. Bubby and Zaidy became like family with their entire Kehilla. Times of joy and sorrow of members of the Shul, were no different than that of Bubby and Zaidy’s own family. The children of the founding members of the Shul came forth as well, to take advantage of this cherished relationship with Bubby and Zaidy. After all, they were like family. Zaidy went on to have many long successful years in the Rabbinate, inspiring and guiding thousands over these many years. A unique character trait that I would like to focus on, is Zaidy’s unparalleled Middah (trait) of Emes (truth) that he lived by. For some, the concept of Emes exists as an outer display of action, as one can accustom themselves to do truthful actions. But we saw in Zaidy more than just that. Zaidy was an ‘Ish Emes’, ‘a man of truth’. Emes was rooted so much his persona, that he lived by it in every way of life. He reinforced his life with his connection to the Emes of Torah to the point that all his ways reflected that prized connection. Zaidy had once related that there were many topics of controversy that he had to deal with over the years. He exclaimed, “I stood on my firm ground when it came to uphold the true voice of the Torah, even if it means that I had to take on the consequences that it brings”. Zaidy’s role in life was that of many. He was a father, grandfather, great grandfather, a Rav, a Posek, a leader, and a good friend. To sum it up in one word, we referred to him as ‘Zaidy’. The weekly calls and visits from Zaidy’s beloved children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, was his highlight of the week. Bubby (she should be Gezunt) was by Zaidy’s side every step of the way, in health and in sickness. She cared for him and encouraged him in all his endeavors. Together they built generations of Shomer Torah, Talmidei Chachomim, and Bnei Torah that they were extremely proud of. As a Zechus for his Neshama, may we all continue to reflect his ways in our growth of Avodas Hashem. We are certain that Zaidy will be a Meilitz Yosher for his family and Klal Yisroel, continuing his service on behalf of the Klal. May we be reunited in the coming future, with Moshiach Bimheira Biyameinu, Amen.



    By: Shlomo Zalman Greenberg

    Last week we took a blow, as Zaidy moved
    on to Oilam HaBah,
    A loss for family and friends, and of course
    for his Kehillah.
    A few moments of reflection, on Zaidys
    great life that he led,
    His great influence he had on others, from
    everything he did and said.
    A Rav in Flatbush he was, a wonderful
    Kehilla he had led,
    Zaidy’s influence new no bounds, the
    Torah’s ways he did spread.
    How he cared for those around him, family
    and beyond,
    Looking out for the needs of others,
    showing love so fond.
    Zaidy always taught us, not to go with the
    To see beyond the falsehood of life, and not
    just to put on a show.
    ‘Stop the fluff and the Narishkeit’, is what
    he would often say,
    ‘Adhere to the pure Shulchan Aruch, the
    genuine Torahs Way’.
    I would often ask Zaidy for a Beracha,
    whenever I had an opportunity,
    ‘I should be a true Mentch’, is the Beracha
    he always gave me.
    He said, ‘If you accomplish this feat, in its
    true definition,
    Then all your other success in life, will
    come to fruition’.
    We will all miss Zaidy, as he is now no
    longer here,
    But he left us his great lessons, forever a
    role model so dear.
    May Hashem grant us a Nechama, and to
    end this Galus so long,
    May we be Zoche now to Moshiach, when
    we’ll greet Zaidy in song