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    Rebbitzen Miriam Libby Weiss BD”E

    Rebbitzen Weiss was the wife of Rav Moshe Meir Weiss, beloved Rov of Agudas Yisroel of Staten Island, noted marbitz Torah, author, speaker, maggid shiur and columnist for The Vues for the last 26 years.

    Rebbitzen Weiss was a genuine tzadeikes who guided and inspired people for decades; both via the spoken word and with her personal example of avodas Hashem, emunah, and unceasing kindness. She was loved by anyone who came in contact with her.

    Miriam Libby was known to answer the phone; ” What can I do for you?” 

    I met her for the first time on one of her Chesed trips in Boro Park at Linicks toys 27 years ago. when she was picking up toys and chachkis for some sick children. We spoke and she told me who her husband. She asked if I would be interested in printing his articles. After reading one of the articles I said, “I would be honored to print them.” The shidduch she made between The Vues and Rabbi Weiss has lasted over 26 years. Our readers have been graced with Rabbi Weiss’ Torah column  almost every week since then.

    Miriam Libby later had a greater kesher to my family. As she and my sister Jill Bodner a’h were totally devoted to Chesed in Staten Island.  When the Rebbitzen was sick, Jill took care of her, and when my sister got sick Miriam Libby took care of her. They took care of each other.

    So strong was their bond that Miriam Libby asked to be buried next to my sister and now they lay side by side in the cemetary.

    From the articles that you have read in our paper over the years, you know what a special wife and mother she was. You also know that the Rabbi and Rebbitzen were the perfect couple.

    May she continue to be a meletz yosher for Klal Yisroel.

    The levayah took place, Sunday, at the Young Israel of Staten Island.

    The Rabbi and his family will be sitting shiva in Staten Island until erev shabbos.

          -Alan Hirsch


    From An Interview with Rabbi Weiss in The Vues July 2017

    AH: How does your Rebbitzen manage to do so much when you have such a busy schedule?

    RMMW: I have no idea. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without my wife’s support.  A tribute to her total involvement was paid one Erev Yom Kippur when the phone rang in my house. My daughter answered. “Rabbi Moshe Sherer is on the phone,” she told her mother. “So quickly call Tatty,” the Rebbitzen responded. My daughter passed the receiver to her mother. “No, he wants to speak to you.” “Rebbitzen Weiss,” Rabbi Sherer said, “your husband gives two shiurim in two different  Agudah shuls — one at eight, and another at ten p.m.” “That’s right,” she responded. “So your husband is pretty much out of the house from eight p.m. until twelve a.m.” “That’s right,” she responded, wondering where this was heading. “Well, you’re the mother of young children and it can’t be easy for you. On behalf of Agudah, we want to thank you for your sacrifice for Torah. Please wish your husband a good year from me, but this call is for you.