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    So many stories about our Rav Yehuda Kelemer Z”L have been circulating. All with the same themes of his unmatched compassion and sensitivity to us during tremendous times of sorrow as well as joy. Growing up in West Hempstead I didn’t understand what it meant to not revere and respect the Rav. Rabbi Kelemer was so respected and cherished. We looked forward to his shabbos drasha- his words were meaningful and you felt as though he was speaking to you. His angelic voice during tefillah was cherished and we couldn’t wait to hear his sweet melodies especially during neilah on Yom Kippur. My family moved into WH in 1980. My sister Bonnie and I sang at his installation as our Rav in 1983. Rabbi Kelemer has been at very major milestone of mine … my bat mitzvah (pictured), my wedding, my daughters’ bat mitzvahs and Moshes Bris. It is hard to imagine any future milestones without him there. As many know my father passed away this summer and Rabbi Kelemer was by our sides the entire time my father was sick… guiding us and making sure my father was given the utmost kavod until the very end. I am so grateful that all four of my children felt a connection to Rav Kelemer. They grew up knowing we have the most revered and respected Rav guiding us. There was a time when Rabbi Kelemer would call me every erev shabbos to check on me after I had had multiple miscarriages. He cared for me like a father. There was no one like him and there will never be anyone that can replace him. May his wonderful Rebbetzin Rochie and family find comfort during this very difficult time.