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    Spotlight on Crunchies

    Spotlight On:
    Center One Mall
    13 Green Ave.
    Woodridge, NY 12789
    Hashgacha: Rabbi BabbadName of Proprietor: Ruvi Deutsch
    Name of Manager: Duddy
    Years in Business: 8

    What’s new on your menu for Summer 2016?
    We have many new items. We have poppers, pulled beef sliders and new
    tortillas. We invested a lot of money in the design of our dishes. We
    have upgraded our style and design so that it is similar to our other
    3 restaurants in Brooklyn called Bagels & Greens. Our goal every
    summer is to improve on the previous year.

    What are your hottest sellers?
    > We have many hot sellers, but our schnitzel sandwiches, especially our
    > Amazonas schnitzel sandwich, a Brazilian super crunchy schnitzel
    > coated with house special crumbs, have always been a fan favorite.
    > What do you consider your specialty?
    > We want the experience upstate to be the same as it is in the city.
    > Just because you’re upstate, your standards should not be lowered. We
    > want to give you the same service, cleanliness, and delicous food you
    > have in a city restaurant.
    > What do you have on your menu that’s for the healthy eater?
    > We have a huge salad bar. Our customers can come in whenever they want
    > and create their own salad. We have 48 toppings at the salad bar. We
    > also have grilled vegetables and many different types of chicken, including baby chicken, that
    > are not fried.
    > Please tell everyone about your friendly staff.
    > I have a fantastic, warm, and friendly staff. I must thank my right
    > hand man, Duddy the manager, who has been with me since the beginning
    > of Crunchies. He puts his heart & soul into the business. He loves the
    > customers and the customers love him. While I’m busy in the city, he
    > manages everything upstate. I am very lucky to have him and such a
    > great staff.
    > Your Country Vues ad says that you have takeout from
    > Pomegranate in Brooklyn every Thursday & Friday.  What does that include?
    > We are great friends with the owner of Pomegranate in Brooklyn and
    > have all the famous dips, fishes & kugels that they offer on Thursday
    > & Fridays and Erev Shabbos. We also offer our own smoked meats on Erev
    > Shabbos.
    > Do you guys cater and have private parties in the restaurant?
    > No, because we have no time to do it! B”h we are so busy we can’t
    > handle it at the present time.
    > Will Crunchies be open for the Nine Days?
    > Unfortunately, no. Our entire staff goes back to Brooklyn for the Nine
    > Days to help the 3 Bagels & Greens Restaurants.
    > The BIG question: Why is there no Crunchies outside of the Catskills?
    > No good answer. B’H we are very busy in Bagels & Greens throughout the
    > year. I hope & wish that in the near future there will be a Crunchies
    > in the city.

    What does Ruvi Deutsch do during the winter months?
    Besides the 3 Bagels & Greens Restaurants, we also do a lot of
    catering. We make platters, deal with many different types of
    businesses throughout the tri-state area with parties, and have many
    nursing homes as accounts.

    Is there anything else that you would like to share with Country Vues readers?
    Yes, at Crunchies we try to cater to everyone. For the men we have
    gourmet meats, for the ladies we have many salads & healthy dishes, and
    for the children we now offer special kids meals. We are giving out
    free Crunchie Rubiks Cubes with every Kids meal. We are selling 10
    times the amount of kids meals this summer than we did last summer. We
    are looking forward to seeing you all this summer!