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Stuffed Cabbage


• 3 lbs chopped meat

• 1 cup rice uncooked

• 1 cup water

• Salt, pepper, garlic, onion to taste

• 1 Head frozen and defrosted cabbage


• 3 16 oz cans tomato sauce

• ½ cup duck sauce

• ½ cup ketchup

Stuffed cabbage is one of those recipes many people shy away from because they think it’s too complicated. If you are prepared in advance this easy trick will take away the complications and making stuffed cabbage will be simple. Buy your head of green cabbage in advance and place it whole in the freezer – keep it in the freezer for at least 24 hours. When you are ready to make the cabbage, take the head out of the freezer several hours or the day before to defrost. You will be left with perfectly pliable and easy to use cabbage leaves.


Combine meat, rice, water and seasonings. Mix well.

Separate leaves from cabbage.

Form a small log of meat and place in cabbage leaf. Roll up. Repeat for remainder of meat and cabbage.

Combine sauce ingredients in large stock pot and bring to low simmer.

Add cabbage rolls to sauce. Cover and simmer on low flame for 2 ó to 3 hours.

Alternatively, you can also cook in the oven but I prefer it on the stovetop.